Friday Firesmith – The Bug and the Biker

Many years ago, there was a teacher at Early County High who had a VW Bug, with flowers painted on it, hippie-like, and on the back she had this huge wind-up key. Needless to say, this woman moved on rather quickly, because people who were quirky, fun, and funny, never lasted long in Early County. I was in grade school when she arrived, and because she made a quick exit, I never had the opportunity to meet her or her car. It pains me to think of someone’s soul being crushed in that sort of environment, and I’m glad she escaped.

Yesterday, I was on a rather busy road in Valdosta, when a black VW bug with a wind-up key on the back pulled into the lane beside me. I wasn’t about to try to get a photo in traffic, but I thought maybe at a traffic light, if I could stay close. I waved at the woman, and she waved back, and she looked like she might have been college-age, so no, not the same person that taught, ever so briefly, back in my home county.

Suddenly, this guy on a motorcycle got behind me and started revving his bike up. Dude, it’s bumper to bumper here, no one is going to go any faster than the car in front, okay? But he kept changing lanes, and he finally got in front of me, and beside Bug Girl.

A few words about the people I know who ride bikes, first.

Bikers, as a general rule, are more considerate motorists because they carry a higher risk of injury. They also know they have an image problem with the traveling public and are more respectful to others than most, uh, cagers. In over forty years of driving, this is the first case I can think of where a biker went to a lot of trouble to be a lot of trouble, and I’m willing to bet he’s new to the scene.

He’s wearing one of those half helmets with a sticker on it that reads, “Helmet Laws Suck” and dude, you’re going to need that helmet, and more, the way you act.

He was trying to get in front of Bug Girl, and he was also trying to intimidate her. He revved up his bike loud, and got too close. Bug Girl, who might have been fun and quirky, also had a firm grip on the laws of physics, when Biker Dude came over too close, she decided to get closer, causing him to weave away from her.

I slowed down and dropped back. I did not want to run over this guy if she spilled him. Then he tried the revving the engine thing with the car ahead of him. That car brake checked him. Bug Girl and the car in the other lane, boxed Biker Guy in, and neither would let him pass. A car squeezed in front of me, and suddenly, Biker Dude was dealing with someone as aggressive as he was.

Okay, kids, this has gone on long enough, just let him pass.

The car ahead of Biker Dude braked hard, which cause him to nearly wreck, but he managed to get behind Bug Girl, who was still moving along, and pass her. The car behind him followed, altogether too closely, and I thought for just a second, I was going to see him get killed.

The take away most people who were watching this is going to be that bikers are jerks who create a dangerous environment for other motorists. What I saw was an anomaly, a very rare instance of someone on a bike acting like an idiot. Trying to intimidate other people with noise in traffic is terribly stupid, and I hope he learned that even a small toyish looking car can flatten even the largest bike.

I didn’t get a photo of the Bug. I hope I can see it again one day.

Take Care,

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10 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – The Bug and the Biker”

  1. He gets his motor running…
    heads out on the highway.
    Oh baby, he’s king of the world…

    on a bike named Titanic.

  2. Most of the riders I know are careful, cautious and considerate. They know all too well what can happen. Many riders I know have gone down, and a few have even been hit by cars. You’re right, that guy was a jerk and a danger to others, not just himself. What a shame, riding can be so much fun.

    • Chick, he’s not going to be a biker very long at this rate. And you’re right, most bikers are better on the road than most car drivers, at least that’s been my experience. That’s what got me writing about it this time, you just don’t see that many stupid bikers.

      • It seems to me that the people of Sturgis are seeing a HELL of a lot of stupid bikers right now. Not stupid in the way you’re talking about but stupid in a much more dangerous way.

    • It’s a shame. I guess you have to be young and stupid before you get to be old and wise.

      Some folks never live long enough to be old and wise, sounds like that’s where some of these guys are headed. If they see the right wreck, they’ll have a new respect.

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