5 thoughts on “So much for time-traveling…”

  1. No, that’s not correct.
    Time travel is/was invented at dot 574 (the new currentsee of time) but what no one had predicted/written about historically, was the twist that when we time travelled backwards, we came to a previous age but in a slightly different dimension, ergo what had happened stayed having happened, but we were able to repeat, or not repeat, the same mistakes in an exact replica of what once was, except it wasn’t quite exact in that it was different, albeit the same.
    Look, if you got a chicken’s egg (I was going to say just egg, but someone from the past present future would be a dick/was a dick and say what sort of egg, as if that was once/now is/ever will be, important) and sent it back to, say, a week before it was laid, it wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of what the hen next to it was doing …. because DIFFERENT DIMENSION !
    although so similar, so much the same, that the hen would probably say ‘hmm, an egg, I’d better take that under my wing right away/soon/already did.

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