Weekend Open Mic

Weather: We’re in for unseasonably cool weather for the first week of August. I could sure get used to this kind of weather. My fear is that we’ll pay for this before long.

TV: We just finished the 3rd and final season of Wanted (Netflix) 7.5/10.  We just started the second season of In The Dark (Netflix) last night. 
I finished The Last Dance (Netflix) 9/10.  I really enjoyed this show about Michael Jordan even though I’m not a big basketball fan. Not sure what we’re watching next.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

    • Six total so far. 2 pitchers and 4 unnamed people, could be players or just coaches or support staff.
      I’m betting the whole MLB season will be canceled before the week’s up.

  1. I have a brother that still lives in the northern hemisphere, he tells me how hot things are where he is, probably just to be mean.
    Here in New Zealand we are ‘in the grips of winter’, lol, and today, while dry, is vicious with the wind cutting through my woolen jumper, my thick synthetic jersey, my 2 two tee shirts.
    But no worries, right now I am ensconced in my house with the heaters on, drinking a Budweiser, ok, two so far.
    We’re Covid free (why it stopped being called the Corona virus is beyond me) but have a few nationals returning from their ‘better life’ overseas, locked up in prison, I mean managed quarantine, who might start showing symptoms in a week or so.
    I might start wearing a mask again when I go to the supermarket, ‘cos, you just never know, and a few of those in enforced quarantine escaped for half an hour or so to buy booze so who knows if they were carriers and who knows if the bottle they touched was then touched by someone else who then drove the 200 kilometres and touched the bars of chocolate in my local supermarket ???
    I may be the only one wearing a mask these days (here in NZ) but maybe I’ll also be the only one not sick and dying in a few months !!!

    • I was working outside in 104°f (40°c) temperatures on Friday. Sposed to drop to the upper 90s tomorrow. I could use some of that cooler weather you’re talking about if you’d be so kind.

  2. Still hot here and looking forward to the hurricane. Husband got us roll down hurricane shutters and a hard wired generator recently. We think we are good up to a cat.3 and maybe a 4 if it goes in North of us. No, you cannot add Cal.fire and SC hurricane to your Corona bingo card.

    • Don’t think I ever heard anyone say they are looking forward to a hurricane before. But then, it is 2020. I’m sure there are worse things coming.

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