7 thoughts on “Hydroxychloroquine”

  1. Hydroxycloroquine has been around for 60 yrs + and has a proven record! We also know that on more than one occasion other drug have been found to cure or heal other things…. Yet people want to trust a non-proven drugs and soon a vaccine that pharmaceutical companies want a Blanket Immunity from Lawsuits from the Government…. What Are They Scared Of? You turn the TV on and 100x a day you get bombarded by SUE SUE SUE commercials… Why is that? Again Who actually controls the Pharmaceutical Companies and who is going to profit from the sells and deaths that are sure to happen… Yet you make a meme on something you absolutely know nothing about!

  2. Every day since March my wife and I have taken three Tic Tacs. We make up 100% of the test subjects and neither has Covid19 that means the Tic Tacs have a 100% success rate. Plus our mask breath smells fresh and minty.

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