8 thoughts on “How stoned are you?”

  1. Something less than $100 but we don’t have enough information to say. The owner lost the $30 he gave in change plus whatever he paid for the waterpipe. He would have gotten $70 had he sold it, but he’s really only out what he paid for it — the rest is his markup and would have been profit.

    • You’re forgetting about the thief handing the owner the $100 bill.
      That $100 bill is in the cash register when the thief leaves.

  2. The owner lost $100.

    Running tab:
    Guy steals $100 bill – owner out $100
    Guy hands owner $100 bill – owner even
    Owner hands guy $70 pipe – owner out $70
    Owner hands guy $30 change – owner out $100

    The pipe is worth $70 because that’s what someone else would have paid the owner for it.

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