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    • Hell, you know what they say — give a monkey a machine gun and they’ll hit something eventually.

  1. When you see people taking Ayn Rand – a grifter and a joke that couldn’t write her way out of a wet paper bag – seriously you know your society is doomed.

  2. I read all sorts of negative things about Ayn Rand, but luckily, even though I had been brought up in a Catholic School, I had a bit of critical thinking bred into me.
    Reading her writing in my teenage years enhanced that thinking, which in turn let me leave behind the mental chains that had me thinking we were ruled by a white Jewish man’s father and his (it’s always a man, right ?) magical powers, enabled me to question the hierarchy of our present society, while still functioning in it, and truly set my mind free.
    Not her writings alone, but her writings and those of others, too many to list here, seriously, no need for TL/DR.
    The bible has some good thoughts in it, yet most of it is rubbish, just the ramblings of some obviously drug infused wanna-bes, but chucking the whole thing in the fire would be stupid, just as anyone who reads Ayn Rand and wraps her ideas in a wet paper bag and throws them onto their pile of mental excreta (that’s the ideas that don’t gel with what they learned in their first years in school) without thinking … literally, without thinking … is stupid.
    Like with making coffee, you are best off letting ideas percolate and seep through the beans of your subconscious.
    Don’t forget the cream.

  3. At risk of evoking the ire of you nice readers… the two most important books in my life are The Bible and Atlas Shrugged, in that order.

    But no one who has ever preached personal responsibility has been very popular. I cannot deny that a lot of citizens are enjoying their life on the backs of others.

    Mike Firesmith’s latest post is a case in point: he is able to publish his work with a minimum of effort or knowledge. I find that wonderful.

    It took a lot of people to create the computer, and internet, and email, and word processors… and it still takes many to maintain and run the whole thing, but it costs you or me very little. I didn’t invent the computer, or the microwave, or the bug zapping tennis racket, or any part of an automobile… on and on I could go. Yet I enjoy these things every day.

    At least respect that your life is as easy as it is because of the efforts of all those people. If you aren’t going to help, the best thing to do is get out of the way.

    Thanks for listening!

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