9 thoughts on “Aren’t you afraid of Covid-19?”

    • Scary story. I’ve been filling up our water jug from the fire hydrant at our jobsite. And drinking from it. Until… we removed the hydrant and I saw all the black gunk built up on the inside of the pipe. And boy! Did it stink. Never again I tell ya.

  1. I did some drinling from a brown piece of glass yesterday, repeatedly, so I knew how to pronounce drinling.
    Need to sober up for my proof-reading class son though.

  2. Well, come on now — we can’t expect someone who doesn’t understand relative risk to know how to spell! I believe the combined death count — total, over a span of decades — for clackers, lawn darts, and drinking (or even drinling) from a hose can probably be counted on two hands. I’m not sure what the statistics are for pickup truck bed riding or marriage to satanic deities (although, according to, apparently, Trump’s new medical expert, demon semen can cause disease.) In short, anyone who is silly and gullible enough to read this and agree probably shouldn’t be allowed to cross the street by themselves.

    • It’s just HUMOR!! Remember humor? Not meant to be a great journalistic example or advocacy for/against anything. JUST HUMOR!!

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