5 thoughts on “How fitting!”

  1. I just sat through 13 minutes and 22 seconds of adverts for an insurance company that doesn’t exist in the country I live in.
    At a few seconds after the 12 minute mark, I put my recently empty bottle of Budweiser on the table in my computer room, but, being distracted by watching a USA advert about insurance, I failed to watch where the bottle bottom was and when I let go it fell to the floor, hitting the plate which had recently held my snack of last night’s pizza which in a fit of overt laziness I had placed on the floor by my feet, smashing the plate AND the bottle.
    Such irony.
    Thanks, I now know who the guy pictured is …. he must wake up in a sweat sometimes, saying ‘… mayhem, like me’.

    • Thank god it was only a Budweiser! If it would have been one of my beloved craft beers I would have went on a rampage, suing everyone, even Isaac Newton for inventing gravity 😉

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