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  1. I have one on Facebook PUNCH FACE EXEMPT CARD —
    You not wearing a face mask poses an ACTUAL risk to me. Under the Punch a Selfish Person Without a Mask Act (IPSPWMA), I’m not required to go to jail if I punch you.
    Department of Justice IPSWMA Violation
    Reporting Number: (800) 382-5968
    LET’S BE REAL, THIS CARD IS JUST AS LEGIT AS YOUR DUMB-ASS CARD, SO IF YOU’RE GETTING UPSET, MAYBE THINK ABOUT THAT. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1021469021619915&id=100012704798204

    • Let me flip this back around on you being the selfish one. I have already had it, and no longer test positive for it. Therefore, I no longer pose a threat of spreading it to anybody else, and I am no longer at risk of getting it. So, why should I be forced to wear a mask to give those people who are afraid of their own shadows a warm fuzzy feeling?

      • First, how are you sure you have had it? Many of the antibody tests have been proven to give a lot of false readings. Second, we don’t yet know for certain if, or for how long, immunity from having had the disease continues — or if the immunity protects you from other mutations or strains (which this kind of virus is well known to do), so it’s possible that you could contract, and spread, another type of COVID. Third, why would you not want to provide a positive role model for other people?

        This is not a case of people being afraid of their own shadows. That implies an imaginary threat (like Trump’s bogeymen caravans of Hispanics). COVID-19 is real. It is deadly. It has already killed close to 140,000 people in just a handful of months — and it is growing exponentially. It WILL reach the 200,000 mark sooner than you think.

        What’s more — even for those who survive it, the medical bills WILL bankrupt easily 100,000 people, probably more. And there are long term effects, the extent of which we don’t even know yet. Why would you not want to help our country save as many people from that?

        • The numbers have proven to be inflated, that is a fact. Even if you accept the numbers presented, even the CDC is admitting it is no worse than a bad flu season. Yet, we don’t go to such drastic measures to prevent the spread of the flu. Stop watching the TV news and get news from real unbiased sources, and you will come to the same realization that other informed people have, the quarantine and masks are all about control.

          As to the anitbody tests possibly being wrong, you can say the same for the test to see if you are currently infected. All tests are flawed to a certain extent, and if they are administered improperly, that just increases the odds of a false result. One can see that the chances for false positives on the test are high at a lot of the places giving the tests from the simple fact that those giving the test do not change their gloves between tests. Also, go to the CDC website and look for the answers on what a positive test means, and they state that the common cold can provide a positive result since it is from the same strain of virus.

          But, if you want to believe the so-called experts, then you should be thanking President Trump for saving over 1.8 million lives. After all, the so-called experts said in the beginning that over 2 million lives would be lost if the proper actions were not taken.

          • Please provide a citation proving the numbers have been inflated. That simply goes against every credible source. And the CDC is NOT “admitting” or even saying it’s no worse than a flu season. I don’t watch TV, I read. I suggest you do the same. Reading gives you time to fact check what’s being claimed and what you think you know. And, yes, ALL the testing in America is pretty bad, because Trump allowed virtually anyone to produce one and sell it without any oversight or quality checks. So you have to assume that you are probably exposed and act accordingly. And, no, I’m not thanking Trump for his absolute cock-up of how he handled COVID. It’s not over, not by a long shot. And Trump took NO proper actions. No early actions to contain the extant cases, no government assistance to do testing (we HAD no tests, since Trump didn’t take the ones the WHO had made, insisting on making our own, which (surprise, suprise, under Trump) were badly faulty.) He provided no help for contact tracing. He provided no PPE. He provided no guidance (such as was available in the instructions Obama’s administration had created) to individual cities and states — in fact he just blew them off and said they were on their own — and then STOLE the equipment and PPE they found and bought on their own. Please. Your insistence on supporting this pathological liar, this lifelong con man who helps no one if it doesn’t personally profit himself is just beyond belief! The whole world acted one way . . . and their cases are going down and they’re resuming normal life. Trump handled it a different way and our cases are skyrocketing! You seriously can’t see that? Your cultish worship has blinded you to even that palpable reality? IDK, that’s just beyond my understanding.

            • So, if masks are so effective, please tell me why everybody was forced to stay at home, why criminals were released from jails, why restaurants, schools, churches, theaters, and other businesses were forced to close. Why not just mandate everybody wear masks and let everything stay open?
              And, if you are wearing a mask, then you should be safe from the virus, so why should I have to wear one if I am not concerned about getting infected myself?

            • Okay, you have fully convinced me that you suffer from extreme TDS, that you have an unwavering belief that everything the MSM says is true and unbiased, and that you believe the government has the solutions to all of mankind’s problems.
              I truly feel sorry for somebody like yourself that lives a depressed, hate filled life.

              • There is no such thing as TDS, except for the poor schmucks who still somehow believe Trump even though the man lies like other people breathe. What are we up to now? 20,000 lies? Are you massochistic? I believe in facts. I believe in logic. I believe in evidence. Those things do not lead to a hate-filled life, although truth is sometimes hard. It leads to living in reality.

    • Hi, Lynda. Your joke wasn’t really funny, but I still wanted to respond.

      You wear a mask everywhere, right? If so, then if I am near you and I am *not* wearing a mask, your mask still protects you. Right? So, logicall, I would not be putting you at risk because there’s no way my saliva goes into your nose or mouth. And if I am using social distancing guidelines, you are doing just fine.

      Logic is hard sometimes.

      • No, that’s not how it works. And I’m so sorry that logic is hard for you. I’ll try to use short words so you can get it. Let’s go back to the pee metaphor, OK? If you’re wearing pants and a man pees on you, you’re still going to get wet. Less wet than if you were naked but some will seep through, and when you take the pants off, your fingers will likely get pee on them.

        But if the other man is wearing pants, virtually all the pee will be absorbed by HIS pants and won’t get near you. So you will stay pee-free.

        Do you get it now?

        • You have drank the Kool-Aid, so I’m not surprised you are bad at analogies.

          In your bad example, the man pees all over you, right? Gross. But… his pee may splatter your toe, your leg, your hair, your butt – it could hit anywhere on your body. And that would be gross, but it wouldn’t have any real consequence for you. You’d rinse off the pee, and maybe change clothes, and that would be it.

          For COVID to be spread, there *must* be a point of infection. This most often occurs, from all available evidence, in the nose and mouth. So for your analogy to be accurate, I would have to not be wearing a mask and sneeze or cough (or chant dumb slogans at a protest) directly into your face/mouth/nose. THAT is how infections are spread. Since I have no intention of coming anywhere near your mouth and nose (like most of the population), the risk to you is minimal. And now that you’re wearing a mask all of the time, you have created a barrier just in case, so you are even more protected.

          Wearing clothes to protect yourself in case some random dude pees in a random spot on your body =/= covering an infection entry point to protect yourself in case someone sneezes.

          Bad analogies are bad.

  2. So you are saying that President Trump’s actions didn’t save over 1.8 million lives? If that is the case, then that would have to mean that the so-called experts you believe in were way off on their initial predictions on how deadly the virus is. Yet, even though they were off by a factor of 10 or more, you still blindly accept every word that comes from their mouths on everything else they have to say about the virus.

    • Yes, I’m saying that Trump’s actions did not save 1.8 million lives. It looks like you misinterpreted (didn’t understand) the 1.8 million figure. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trumps-crazy-coronavirus-math-will-kill-as-many-as-18-million-americans The 200,000 number was the estimate of the MOST Americans killed IF we had stringent lockdowns and everyone used masks. The 2 million number was the MOST Americans who would likely die if we DIDN’T have stringent lockdown and no one wore masks.

      As it is, Trump did nothing but sit around with his thumb up his ass, his only worry being how the numbers would make him look bad. He didn’t give a crap about the actual people dying. So he undercut the CDC’s recommendations, he refused to craft a national response, he told states that they were on their own. He confiscated PPE and ventilators from the states who sourced and bought them on their own. And he sent 17 tons of supplies to China and then another unknown number of tons to Russia — his two totalitarian buddies — for his own personal benefit.

      As a result, the US has a pandemic that is worse than any other on the planet, our numbers are skyrocketing, we are the plague rats of the world and are banned from going to just about any other country because we are almost certain to be infected. And we’re not even close to containing it, if anything, it is getting worse. Arizona’s daily numbers are now WORSE than NYC at its worst.

      Basically, if you can get this metaphor. Picture two houses. Both homeowners have found mice. House A (the rest of the world) jumped in fast to put down traps, wrap up anything that the mice could eat, so they couldn’t get to it, and, in short did everything possible to kill all the mice. House B (Trump) saw the mice. Not wanting anyone to know about the mice, lest other people think badly of them, they told no one about it. They said there WERE no mice. Mice were a hoax. They didn’t wrap up food and yelled at anyone who did. They didn’t put down traps. They insisted the mice would go away on their own. And some people insisted that 1. Mice weren’t real and 2. It was their right to leave food out on the table if they wanted. Some intentionally fed the mice, just out of spite.

      Four months later, House A has no mice, or just some random few that are killed as soon as they’re seen. House B (Trump-run) is overrun with millions of mice. And now they’re almost impossible to eradicate and the house is unsafe and uninhabitable.

      Get it now?

      • Yes, 2 million was the number of deaths without lock downs. And, because Trump recommended the lock downs, over 1.8 million lives were saved! But, to make things even better, the other steps Trump took caused the number of deaths to be even less than the estimated 200,000 lives on the low end, especially when you consider that the covid death count is inflated.

          • Actually Trump left the decision up to each state to decide what was best for their people, which was the correct thing to do, because he knows that there is no one size fits all approach to problems like this.

  3. * Moon hoaxers
    * Chemtrailers
    * Anti-vaxxers
    * Flat earthers
    and now…
    * Anti-maskers


    • Smittypap, I’m flummoxed how people can be so intentionally ignorant. Their idiocy will kill us all.

        • I wholeheartedly agree. Idiocracy is coming to life. People can no longer think for themselves, but rely upon the government to tell them what to do.

          • Thinking for themselves, and not about others or listening to experts in the field, is exactly why we’re in this mess.

            • Yes, unfortunately most of the experts in the field of virology are being censored when they speak out about the need to wear masks.

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