3 thoughts on “Every state’s least favorite state”

  1. I am colour blind, used to be called Daltonism, means I can see colour but a lot of them look the same.
    I was shit at geography at school due to this, even though I excelled at maths, what you call mat, or something, you know, 2 plus 2 equals 3.14, 4 blackbirds in a pie, which is a bit racist, but not as bad as this map, which is full of hate speech …. why would the people in one state hate the people in a town 4 kilometres away which is the other side of an imaginary line ?
    That is as bad as me hating people on a different island to me, on which my daughter and grandkids live, and I don’t hate them, much.
    Obviously there is going to be another map posted soon showing which state loves which other state, the pair of which can be seen up a tree, kay eye es es eye en gee.


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