Not Lightning striking a stream

A security camera was in the right place to capture this amazing lightning strike from beginning to end. The lightning initially hit the rock on the left bank and then “jumped” to the water. Watch to the end and see how long it takes for the water to stop boiling and return to “normal”… This should give everyone a new and healthy respect for lightning!

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8 thoughts on “Not Lightning striking a stream”

  1. In another life I worked a lot of demolition ranges in the Army. That looks like det-cord going to a controlled explosive to me. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Not lightning, Detcord and Tannarite explosive. You can see the cord flash to the water and the distinctive orange smoke of Tannarite.

  3. You can be killed by lightning when you are in the water, BUT IT WILL NOT look like this! This is a video from a company in Finland that was using explosives to break up rocks to deepen the stream for boat docks.

  4. With the added information, you can we it’s an explosion, as the “strike” runs the wrong way, for one and the eruption is sequenced, as would happen with explosives in that situation…


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