3 thoughts on “Getting Gas…”

  1. Just to be different …. that’s a Dodge something, we get right hand drive versions here in NZ and Australia but I am not sure of the model name.
    The motor used in them is the, I think, 3.6 litre V6, the same motor went into Holden Commodores, it is a good solid motor.
    I have had many Holdens over the years (it’s a brand of car made in Australia) a couple of Chevrolets, a number of Saabs (the forgotten GM cars) and once, a Ford Falcon then a Ford Fairmont, lol, how unfaithful !
    7 Alfa Romeos, ranging from 156 to 166 and 2 Mitos.
    Right now I have 3 Saab 9.5s at my home, one a sedan worked a bit to 350hp, the other 2 stock standard wagons.
    The fuel filler on a Saab 9.5 is on the right hand side, which is the driver’s side where I live.
    It’s a big world but we’re all the same … not Trump, he’s weird.

  2. I watched a woman do this, but after three attempts she drove off to find somewhere with the pumps on the correct side.
    She was a brunette, but a bit short on the thinking matter.


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