6 thoughts on “Flag Day – June 14”

  1. Ironic that those who are most upset about others “dishonoring our flag” are the same ones who still like to honor this one…

  2. Sure that the colors have meaning besides “hey that are the colors our english forefathers and the french that helped us in the revolution used, why change it?

    Also the extreme “deification” of a flag seems somewhat strange.

    • I think most countries “deify” their flag.

      The nations’ flags symbolize the country itself, so if you are seen disrespecting or damaging the flag, it is a representation of your disregard of the country. This is also why if country A’s people are upset about country B, you will see country A’s people burning or stomping on country B’s flags. Of course, if a nation’s people are upset at their rulers, they will show that by burning or stomping (or otherwise damaging) their own flag. This is why most countries have rules and/or laws on how to handle their flag.

      By the way, I believe most countries have meaning behind the colors they choose. The colors we use (the USA–red, white, and blue) have the same meaning in multiple countries. But some are different; for example, the flag for Cape Verde has red, white, and blue in the background and yellow stars (ten of them). The red represents effort, the white represents peace, and blue represents the infinite space of the sea and the sky.

      Happy Flag Day, America.

      • I’ve never heard of a Canadian deifying our flag. It’s a symbol, nothing more. The colours are red for war sacrifice, and white for peace and impartiality, but mostly they just look nice together. I’d like to think we live in a country that values people more than flags (or statues, or the anthem for that matter.)

  3. Flag etiquette is weird. The flag is never to be held flat; at football games they’ll carry a giant one out and hold it flat over the field, often military people in dress uniforms are carrying it.

  4. “No other flag should be placed above the U.S. flag.” -wrong

    The American flag should never hang lower than the flag of another nation. If the American flag is being flown with other national flags, the flags should be flown at equal height and should be the same size.

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