Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Summer returns with just a bvit of rain.

The week:  Working on a few small projects over the weekend.  Ordered a bidet and expecting it mid-week.  I need to install an electrical outlet so I can have warm water for my tush.

TV: Finished Big Little Lies (HBO MAX) but still watching Space Force (Netflix). Not sure what to watch next.
   *  Big Little Lies – Lifestyles of the rich, conniving and murderous. 8.5/10
   *  Space Force – A few good laughs but was expecting more.  6.5/10

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

13 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. This is from another website: “Netflix dropped a four part documentary on Epstein. It will enrage you. I am only making it through because I know the smug f*cker ends up dead. Dershowitz is human debris.” Almost makes me want to subscribe.

  2. Still watching Supernatural on Netflix, and of course any Brit game shows I can find on Youtube I will probably check out the Epstein show, just to see what it has to say. I’m doing loads and loads of laundry today.
    Had to have my AC fixed yesterday, it’s time for a new one, I just don’t have the cash for it, thankfully the guy who does my AC helps me limp it along every so often for cheap.

  3. I have started binge watching “The Saint” – the British ’60s TV show with Roger Moore.

    It is a fairly light-hearted mystery. It is interesting to see all the smoking, rotary phones, and having to open beer cans with a can opener.

    It will take a while to see all the episodes: they are about an hour each (well, about 50 minutes apiece), and there are many episodes per season (11 in the first season and 27 in the second season–and there are about 6 or 7 seasons).

    • I loved that show. You ever see The Saint movie with Val Kilmer? I really liked it. I actually put it on hold at the library before they shut down. I can see it in my ready to pick up list when I log in, just teasing me. I’ve also been stuck with Frozen II for three months because the library still won’t take items back. I can literally quote the whole of Frozen II word for word. With my eyes closed!

      • Yes–I saw that movie on Pluto TV or IMDB TV; that led me to look up the original series. I have found the original series by searching on You Tube.

        I thought the movie with Val Kilmer was okay. It helped that Elisabeth Shue was in it.

        After I finish the TV series, I will have to look for the books.

  4. I work for a campground here in Myrtle Beach SC. The place is sold out, you’d think there wasnt a covid at all. I work in the office away from people thank God. Oh by the way, I’ve lived here almost 5 years and nobody told me that Linsey Graham is gay? How did I miss that?. I guess my boiling dislike of him blinded me to his private life.

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