3 thoughts on “I wonder how that works…”

  1. You sit in your car outside in the parking lot and wait until you’re texted, then you can go in. My wife and I live in Austin, and she went to see her ob/gyn last week, and that’s how it worked. One patient at a time.

    I’ve always thought that that a savvy ob-gyn would advertise her practice as the “Small Hands People”.

    And are there even any male ob-gyns left? I was delivered by a male ob-gyn and so was my son. Now the ob-gyns are all female, which makes good sense, in a way.

    • There are some. A male one delivered our son about 19 years ago; the doctor seemed young enough that he should still be practicing.

  2. That’s my OB-GYN! We got emails when this all started about curbside and explanations. It sounds funny, for sure!


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