6 thoughts on “Computer Country Ad”

  1. Since the C64, the CBM8096 and the Otrona Attache are all computers released in 1982 (and the Apple IIe was released January 1983) at least this ad has to be from the 1980s. 🙂

      • Only if encoded as an ASCII string or Unicode.
        If encoded for IBM mainframe in EBCDIC, it would 11110001 11111001 11110111 11110000
        As an integer value, it would be 0111 1011 0010
        As a floating point value, it is 01000100 11110110 01000000 00000000
        As a packed decimal non-signed value on a mainframe, it would be 00000001 10010111 00001111
        There are heaps of ways to represent data in a computer!

  2. Wait–I could have bought a new Commodore 64 by trading in my Timex Sinclair 1000 instead of buying a used C64 and keeping the TS 1000?


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