6 thoughts on “Raining in Sweden…”

  1. I think that’s if you own a Volvo. If you do have a Volvo your car probably knows if it’s raining in Sweden.

  2. And Saabs, I’ve got one and every time I turn it on the headlights come on, so I guess it rains all the time in Sweden.
    I went to school, did quite well in most subjects, learned how to rite and reed.
    So cruising the internet is like eating popcorn in which some of the kernels haven’t popped, you come across the occasional crunch with your teeth.
    You can get lost in such a maize in pain.
    If B&P wanted more comments in the Open Mike section, they should give it a depository for anecdotes about misused English.
    It would be a vent for frustration.
    11, 15, 11. Rankings in the alphabet.

    • The Open Mic is for anything you want to talk about, with improper English being a good example. Share your pet peeves.

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