Weekend Open Mic

Weather: After a couple of weeks of mostly rain we’re in for a gorgeous weekend here. Then it’s going to warm up next week.

The week:  We’re getting together with family on Saturday afternoon and will be social distancing.

TV: We finished Litte Fires Everywhere (HULU).  We also finished Defending Jacob (Apple TV+). We started on Big Little Lies (HBO) and are close to finishing the first season (of two).  I want to also watch Space Force (Netflix).

Weekend Open Mic: I’m thinking about not doing a Weekend Open Mic.  I started doing the Open Mic about ten years ago because John Walkenbach used to do one on his blog which he ended in 2011. John would leave an Open Mic when he was traveling and not around to blog.  j-walkblog.com had a robust number of comment ers on his Open Mics through the years.  Readers that discussed many different things and it wouldn’t be unusual to see a hundred or more comments on one.  It was always enjoyable to read.  

The B&P Weekend Open Mic usually only has a handful of comments, if that.  So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do right now, but I’m considering a change.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

26 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. I’ll start.
    It has been raining for over a week and today I finally get to mow my lawn. Actually it will be more like putting up hay. I am going to have to mow again tomorrow to get rid of the windrows to keep from killing the grass.

    On a darker note, these riots are a bad thing but they tried the peaceful route by kneeling at football games to address the same issue. They were vilified for that.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

  2. Late Friday afternoon I was sitting in my office chair minding my own damn business and my back went out on me. I felt a twinge and depending on what positions I was in made a big difference. I needed to mow my grass since it’s finally clear outside so I got on my riding mower and got that done without too much difficulty.
    This morning I had a hell of a time standing up and walking. It was a lot of fun trying to shower and get dressed, but I managed to do it. Once I get into a position, either standing, sitting, or lying down It’s not too bad, but the transition is hell.
    Woe is me. Oh. woe is me.

    • When I throw out my back I can actually feel my spine shift. The first 4 or 5 times I was able to continue to operate. Lately though, not so much. Usually takes about two days til I can move around freely. Currently nursing a sore elbow, can barely bend my arm. Was also planning on doing yard work. Can’t now. Oh darn.

    • Bowen technique. Its a long story on how I discovered it but I havent had any back pain in years. My daughters back pain from swimming the butterfly is gone. A dear older friend’s sciatica is so better she vacationed in Iceland. Their attitude is if you dont feel better in 6 visits it wont work for you. Six visits is better than oxy. Read up on it and take care.

  3. SpaceX feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIZsnKGV8TE
    NASA feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21X5lGlDOfg

    3:22p east coast time. First time in almost a decade that Nasa is sending astronauts into orbit from Cape Canaveral, first SpaceX crewed launch. 50% chance weather will stop the launch, next attempt will be tomorrow, at 3:00p eastern time.

    Bob and Doug were driven to the launch pad in Teslas, of course. They are about to board the craft. Their space suits are so spiffy!

    • Success! The next stage of human space travel has started. Private industry is taking over.

      Wow. 19 hour trip to the space station. I hope Bob and Doug brought something to read. Oh. They just said, besides sleeping, the astronauts will take manual control of the Dragon capsule. Give it a test run and kick the tires so to speak.

  4. It’s a beautiful day here in Texas, clear skies, nice weather. I love the summer. I’m a little sad the pool where my folks live is not open yet, but I completely understand. I plan to spend the day on my porch off and on. thankfully I live in a mostly quiet neighborhood, so it’s calm out there. I sometimes have to come inside because the bees get upset with me, they love my rosebushes. I just move out of the way and let them do their job.

    I agree with brianch: the peaceful protests fell on deaf ears. Do I want to see the riots, and looting? No, not at all. Do I understand and empathize with the black people of Minneapolis. Yes, if they feel as if this is the only way they will be heard, obviously it is the only way to draw attention to the issue of police brutality towards people of color.
    It’s a sad thing when the Amish show up to protest. You know you messed up big time, they don’t get involved in ANYTHING.

  5. I’m in Western Australia. We’ve had tree topling storms and lots of rain followed by bright sunshine so soon the weeds will outnumber trees. We’re following the downward spiral of the US. It will soon be past 3rd world status and into 4th world. Wonder if we will see a wave of illegal immigrants.

    • I’m in New Zealand, on the east side by the Bay of Plenty.
      It’s quite nice here even if the winter rain is upon us.
      But now I am worried about a whole lot of Americans moving here, it was bad enough when the English came, then the South Africans, escaping their race issues, now we may have thousands of people saying ‘Have a great day’ and flashing their overwhite teeth and fake breasts ??? I prey to the cloud bloke I don’t believe in that they stay in their 3rd world country.
      Here’s a trick, go on Google Maps, street view of near any ordinary town, and you’ll see that the Hollywood portrayal of the USA is false.

  6. Well… the fun continues. Folks here protesting the Floyd killing are currently looting and burning down stores. Hell of a way to get a point across. Forcing cops to use lethal force to stop lethal force. At least everyone here has forgotten about the virus.

  7. I leave the house once every other week to go to lab. I got a life-saving kidney transplant three months before COVID. Not a great time to be on immune-suppressants.

    But I have a dozen hobbies and am completely cool with isolation. My friends came and chatted through the front window for a while.

    And I have a bunny I’ve been sneaking carrots to in the backyard. He’s scraping himself a hole. Decided to name him Carrot. Husband isn’t very happy with Carrot digging in the yard. This morning I put a bowl of food out for Carrot. 😀

    I completely support the message of the ‘protesters’. I wish they could protest without violence. The ‘burn it down to teach them’ seems more racist than a white cop killing a black suspect.

    On a completely unrelated note: There are more whites killed while being arrested that black and/or latino, but that’s probably not important, since WHITE people don’t riot.

    • The guy that started this fire sure looks white to me. Unfortunately, the message always gets lost when the rioting begins. They tried to keep it peaceful but you are always going to have people who overstep their bounds, just like you will always have cops who do.

      Take care of yourself. It may be a long ride. Probably gonna be some time before we reach herd immunity, or get a vaccine to speed it along.

  8. As for the pain meds, I had them left over because they didn’t seem to do anything when I took them a couple of years ago. I took just one pill yesterday and it seemed to help after a couple of hours, or maybe something else factored in to give me relief. I was having sharp pains just trying to walk or sit down or stand up. I could have taken another pill late yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t because I wasn’t in as much pain.

    I am definitely better this morning, but it’s still there and I move a little slower. It does feel like a small wrong move could cause it to go out again. So hopefully no pills today.

    I have to go out and move a couple of landscape blocks today without hurting myself as a neighbor told me that an elderly visitor of hers backed into a landscaped area at the corner of my yard. No real damage, it just knocked two blocks off the top layer.

      • Yes, it was. I’m lucky the woman who lived in the house was honest enough to tell me about it. She said she was going to try to reset the bricks but she saw a small snake there and that made her change her mind. There was no real damage and I couldn’t even see tire tracks. I gather that the visitor was elderly and might not have even known she hit it.

  9. It seems as though all you have to do is threaten to drop the Open Mic to get a few comments. I rarely comment here because I lead a pretty boring life and even our weather is fairly consistent. But it is nice to hear about what’s going on in your life.

  10. I enjoy the open mike. As I’ve commented before, would appreciate short reviews of your completed movies/series so I know whether to watch or not.
    Something like:
    Watched Ozark. 10/10. Breaking Bad in the Ozarks
    Dead To Me. 9/10. Edge of the seat murder mystery
    The Judge. 8.5/10. Star studded cast, family and courtroom drama.
    Love the website. You are appreciated !

  11. I love your website. I have been visiting off and on for years. I apologize for not being more consistent. Also I don’t normally reply. I’m not terribly interesting, I don’t even watch TV. But your links and the memes are always fun.

    Thanks for what you do.

    I have been scrolling back through the months I missed. (I told you, I’m off and on.) And I wanted to say sorry about losing your dog. He looked like a real sweetheart. I lost one a few years ago, and can still shed a tear if I think on it too long. Dogs find a special place in our hearts.

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