Memorial Day Sunrise

Went to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery this Memorial Day morning at dawn to fly the drone. After a while I was told that drones are not allowed in the cemetery. I had looked online and apparently misunderstood the rules, so I packed up and headed out, but I did get some interesting pictures and video. I’ll post some video after I get it edited.

8 thoughts on “Memorial Day Sunrise”

  1. Please Respect the deceased that are buried at the Jefferson Barracks. My mother is there.

    Have respect and dignity while you observe the guidelines of the Jefferson Barracks Memorial Cemetary.

    Upvotes are not worth it.

  2. Unfortunately, Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery was closed to visitors this year, but Miramar National Cemetery apparently wasn’t. I don’t get it. Probably because the scenery isn’t as awesome at Miramar? So smaller crowds? This is one of the few Memorial Days I haven’t gone to Cabrillo.

    I did watch the live stream this morning though. Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, Miramar National Cemetery, Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial and USS Midway Museum.


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