2 thoughts on “Doctor’s Note”

  1. Having worked in the medical industry more years than I care to remember….we always hated when people would come in for a doctor’s excuse after spending 3+ days home. I mean the company that had hired this person must have thought they were adult enough and smart enough to handle that company’s business. And now you are going to force that adult to get a permission slip from someone else to go back to work?
    And why is that company forcing the medical industry to be the authority on that person’s ability?

  2. Sadly I work for one of these uptight companies as well. I was supposed to get a note one time for a migraine. I didn’t do it, how the Hell are you going to make me bring a note for a migraine? I told my supervisor no, I wasn’t wasting my time, the clinics time, and I wasn’t getting laughed out of the place. Funny, I didn’t even get written up. Imagine that.


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