Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Wet and warm! Then more wet and warm.

The week: A couple of family birthdays this weekend so we’ll be celebrating social distance style. We were thinking about a bonfire Sunday night, but the forecast doesn’t appear to want to cooperate. No real plans for Memorial Day.

TV: We watched Spinning Out (Netflix) about a young ice skating couple. Then we watched Back To The Future, the original (Netflix). This week we started watching Defending Jacob (Apple+) about a teen charged with a classmate’s murder. And we’re a few episodes into Little Fires Everywhere (HULU).

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. I’m gonna give my hot frozen strawberry margaritas another try later. I’ve been steeping the jalapeños in the tequila over night. This way I can taste it before I add it to the mix. Wish me luck.

    I should probably look online and see if there’s a recipe on how to do this but experimenting is so much fun.

      • Ha! Funny you should say that. My favorite beer has habanero in it and that is exactly the reaction if I drink too much at one time.

    • C’est magnifique! Just enough jalapeño to make my frozen margarita burn a little. Maybe a wee bit too much tequila as I’m already getting a bit loopy on the second one. The jalapeño really masks any lingering taste of the tequila.

      Now this is a hot summer night!

  2. We’re enjoying a quiet weekend. I’m in the land business, and usually weekends are busy, but for some reason most folks leave us alone on holiday weekends. Yay!

    It’s beautiful today in the high desert, and we’re loving it!

    Have a great day…

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