3 thoughts on “Solomia Lukyanets – Time To Say Goodbye”

  1. Love this song!

    Some lady has been doing opera from her porch in North Park during this craze. Nice way to get our fix now that the new symphony stage at the embarcadero is shut down for the summer. No Sunday concerts at the Spreckels organ pavillion either. 2020 sucks!


  2. Not sure if you can call a global pandemic that is killing thousands of people a craze …. but there you go.
    The people across the street from me often play music loud (slowly loads gun) but at least it is of a type I like … imagine having some privileged person screaming out opera next door …. you’d probably be forced to use a bow and arrow.

    • We’ll know in a few years if shutting down the country for this long was necessary. Too many people still believe that it was to stop the virus. They couldn’t be more wrong. This thing is here to stay. It has surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of death in this nation and will probably remain so for some time. Interesting how so few people are dying from heart disease or other causes lately, isn’t it?

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