7 thoughts on “Every Covid-19 Commercial is the Same”

  1. I think someone in the future will write a PHD paper on our actions during this CONdemic. That person will strategerize and find out that we were given the wrong advice….staying home.
    Look at Sweden. They didn’t follow the popular wisdom; they let people go about their business. And their death rate is lower then the rest of the world.

    • Umm, no. In fact the countries that reacted most quickly with stay-at-home orders plus did widespread testing had the fewest deaths.
      Sweden’s numbers keep growing and have surpassed their neighbors by as much as 9 times more.


      I just think what needs to be instituted is that anyone going against what science says should be denied any medical care for when they need it. Not that it matters, because they’ll blame someone else for their ills.

    • While I will agree that Sweden’s death toll is lower than that of the U.S., unfortunately Sweden’s rate of death is about 3 times higher than Canada’s. Even though their population is 3.8 times LOWER than Canada’s, they have an almost identical number of COVID victims. Quarantine was implemented in Canada and their fatality rate per capita is approximately 6.5%, while Sweden’s is 21.7%, and the U.S., who didn’t implement a quarantine in the early stages, has a death rate of 16.1%. For each country, this rate is climbing rapidly, although some are rising far faster than the others.

  2. Life is weird right now. And it’s likely to stay a bit strange for quite a while. Be a helper when you can.

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