3 thoughts on “Day 42 in isolation…”

  1. Note: Prob not intended here but while hairy may be funny big bruise on right hip is not. There are abused men women and children in lockdown going through “invisible” hell. How they emerge out the other end is anyone’s guess. Be mindful when doors start opening again.

    • Yes, so bad. Or she may be like me and on anti-coagulants, and so any little thing bruises you, like my cat, jumping up onto the bed but landing on me instead.
      Crying wolf at the least provocation is like yelling fire when someone strikes a match at a birthday party to light the candles, a bit over cautious.
      Let’s wait for the child’s hair to catch on fire and for the flames to jump onto the curtains, which in turn light up the life of the timber framing of the house … now you can call the fire brigade.
      -Of course I haven’t walked your road, gonzo, and the mere fact that you use no capital letter in your name speaks volumes. If I had not grown into a 6 foot well built male, but instead I was a 5 foot 2 wee female, I too might have fear issues.
      But my upbringing left my with a fair bit of confidence so I’d most likely be ok anyway.
      If you need help, reach out, but I reckon the woman in the pix with the ‘natural’ growth of hair upon her person has not been abused, although obviously I could be wrong, the fact that she has a tattoo is more troubling, as following sheep like any fad and fashion is indicative of a simple mind, and simple minds are easily overpowered by the cowards.
      Too much ?


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