If lawyers are disbarred and priests are defrocked, then…

Electricians are delighted
Corpses are decrypted
Cowboys are deranged
Models are deposed
Underwear models are debriefed
Dry cleaners are depressed, decreased and depleted
Jilted women are debrided
HVAC technicians are deducted
Tennis linemen are defaulted
Florists are deflowered
Students are detested
Hostels are debunked
Spies are debugged and detailed
Corporations are deformed and delimited
Celibate people are delayed
Chauffeurs are derided
Record keepers are described
Plumbers are dethroned
Clerks are defiled
Traffic cops are defined
Naturists are denuded
Election officials are devoted
Accountants are decertified
Builders are deconstructed
Confused people are demystified
Intelligence officials are declassified
Interpretors for the deaf are designed
Road builders are degraded
Waiters are deserved
Horses put out to stud are desired
Castles are demoted
Organ donors are delivered
Anything certain is depending

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1 thought on “If lawyers are disbarred and priests are defrocked, then…”

  1. Architects are delineated
    Generals are demilitarized
    Musicians are decomposed and descaled
    Cryptographers are decoded and deciphered
    Vascular surgeons are deveined
    Cryptozoologists are demythologized
    Cardiologists are defibrillated
    Bankers are demonetized
    Fishermen are debated
    Celebrities are defamed
    Schemers are deployed
    Bibliographers are delisted
    People are depersonalized and dehumanized
    Entomologists are debugged
    Orthopedists are deboned
    Staticians are demeaned
    Mathematicians are debased
    Geologists are demineralized
    Taxidermists are deferred
    Dentists are defanged
    Prostitutes are delayed
    Candidates are denominated
    Cassandras are denied
    Hard-to-gets are decoyed
    Traffic cops are deceased
    Gamers and Hackers are deleted
    Jockeys are decantered
    Horses are destabilized
    Tailors are depleted
    Politicians are dewormed

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