3 thoughts on “Can I buy a vowel?”

    • Yes: “Wheel of Fortune”.

      3 contestants try to guess a phrase, person, place, or whatever. They initially have a wall of blank squares where the answer will be shown. They spin a wheel; this will give them a dollar amount they will get if the letter they say is on the board–for each instance of the letter, they get that amount (for instance, if they land on $100, guess “T” and there are three of them, they get $300 in their game bank). Vanna White will tap the squares where the letter is.

      The contestants can not guess a vowel but have to “buy” them. They actually tell the host, Pat Sajak, that they are buying a vowel–and which one they are buying.

      The person who guesses the puzzle gets to keep what is in their bank. After about 3 games, the biggest winner stays to win even more.

      There is more to the game but that is the basics. This game show has been on for about 30 or so years. Vanna and Pat have been part of the show since the very first one.

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