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  1. Those who are my friends on facebook probably know I have the virus. I’ve been repeatedly denied getting tested to officially confirm it. I’m too healthy otherwise, I’m not in the medical field, I haven’t knowingly bumped into someone who’s been confirmed infected, I haven’t traveled to China, etc. so I don’t qualify. So considering that, the number of actual cases are likely exponentially higher than what’s being reported. Most of the numbers are only the riskier people who’ve been able to get tested because they have another health issue, work in the medical field, crossed paths with another known infected person, or traveled to one of the hotspots. I’m sure there are loads more like me being denied just to conserve tests. My county is reporting 8 cases. I’m sure it’s actually in the hundreds or higher. And very few are taking it as seriously as they should. Being on this side of the disease, I’m shocked that people just don’t ‘get it’. I texted a co-worker yesterday who’s 1 year old daughter has been having allergies, fevers, and has been cranky a lot. I suspect it’s not allergies at all, so I asked if she ever got tested for cv. The response was no, they won’t test her, followed by some lols. So she’s still calling it allergies and mom is still going to work and the daughter is still going to babysitters. More texting is telling me they both have cv but their symptoms are mild. My latest symptom is complete loss of taste and smell. The mom is experiencing that. She still just doesn’t get it. I could have very well gotten this from her at work or another co-worker with the same mindset. It’s not about whether you feel ok or not, it’s about staying home so you don’t spread it even if you do feel ok.

    • Scott, I completely agree with everything you’ve said — I’m starting to lose faith in the human race when I see people remain stubbornly and willfully ignorant of reality. I do hope you’re one of the lucky ones who has a mild case and recover quickly. And I really hope that you’re in a state that hasn’t peaked yet, so, if you do need additional care it will be there for you.

    • I hope you get well soon. I also hope your co-worker and her daughter get well soon also.

      And you are right about the non-reported cases: I, like many, do not go to get medical help unless needed. If I get cold- or flu-like symptoms, I will medicate to minimize the aches, pains, coughs, etc., and will only seek help if the symptoms last more than 7 days or the medications do not help.

  2. It’s terrifying to know that our chances of survival depend on everyone else’s common sense.

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