2 thoughts on “People vs. the CDC”

  1. Yeah, some people are stupid !
    But how do I know if I’m one of them ???
    Here in New Zealand (not part of the Netherlands, NZ is a couple of islands in the South Pacific about 2000 klicks to the right of Australia, but not part of Aussie either, its its own country [never written its its together before]) we have a few cases of Corona Beer Virus too, and my idea is that the government tells us where those cases are so we can avoid them … like the plague !
    But no, they keep the details secret, which means if I go out today and try and buy toilet paper, I could be touching the same shopping trolley as someone with Covid-19 (why keep changing the name ???) and then, much as I try not too, I’ll touch my face and DIE.

    I’m not American, but I do drink Budweiser, so I’m in which a chance.
    I’m not Japanese either, but I reckon I’ll be washing my arse in the shower after my coffee kicks in from now on, because idiots are buying all the toilet paper.

    Don’t feel bad about not knowing where NZ is, I only found out yesterday where Washington is …. on both the west AND east coasts of that piece of land sandwiched in between Canada and Mexico.

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