Website Maintenance

I’ve been messing with some of the plugins that I use on B&P. Some things that haven’t been working may now be working and somethings might not be working like they used to.

I think we’ve eliminated the changing of the theme screens some people have experienced, or at least I’m not hearing of that being an issue of late. If you are experiencing something that isn’t acting right, please leave a comment with a description of the issue.

13 thoughts on “Website Maintenance”

  1. For instance, I was unable to leave comments on some posts. After a couple of hours deactivating and reactivating plugins, I found the one that was creating the problem for me. Unfortunately, it’s one of the main plugins, Jetpack, I use that has multiple features that the site takes advantage of. The ‘sharing links’ are just one such feature.
    I may be looking into other plugins that do some of the same things the Jetpack does. But for now, Jetpack is disabled.

  2. I’ve had the comment count go both ways. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Right now for me it counts if I click on the post but not if I click on comments to the post.


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