Website Maintenance

We’ve reinstalled the main part of the theme we use for this site hoping to stop an occasional glitch where the theme doesn’t display properly. There is another premium part of the theme that I can also reinstall but I would then have to reformat some stuff on the site so I’ll wait to do that in hopes the first part fixes the issue.

Update: The website is still experiencing an issue with the theme changing to a different display intermittently. I have posted a support ticket with the theme support group.

10 thoughts on “Website Maintenance”

  1. I haven’t seen the theme change yesterday or today so far. Firefox browser. My login info wasn’t retained on the first couple comments I posted but it’s working fine now.

    • I’ve been corresponding with support about it and after resetting all the plugins I haven’t been able to replicate the problem. The guy said it could also be a caching problem. Hopefully just resetting the plugins will fix it.

      • I spoke too soon. Just did it again. I tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Same thing on all three. Refresh didn’t fix it. Neither did clicking on full site that Scott mentioned. Weird part is, it’s only the first page. I go to older articles and it works fine. Image below for those who are wondering what we’re talking about.

  2. Mine has been occasionally showing a mobile version on my laptop. I kinda like it, nice and clean and fast loading. When I scroll all the way to the bottom it says “View Full Site”. Hovering over that indicates clicking on that should reject mobile, but it doesn’t.

  3. It still seems to be having a bit of a problem. Page two was wonky for me, even though pages one and three were fine.

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