2 thoughts on “Real Music”

  1. I absolutely agree with the sentiment in the words of this post, although the selection of images of artists popular in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s (yes, BB King started in the 1940s but let’s not split hairs), gives this post a distinctly “everything new today is terrible” and “baby boomers were the best generation” vibe.

    1) There’s some excellent music made today.
    2) Some pop music made today is terrible.
    3) Some pop music from the 1960s was terrible.

    Nostalgia is great, and nostalgia is fun. People like listening to what they like listening to. But if you enjoy good music, don’t resist finding new music to enjoy simply because it’s “new” (and new = bad).

    If you only listen to what you grew up listening to, you’re missing out on a TON of great music produced in the last 20 years (or 40 years or whenever you stopped finding new music to enjoy). Please make an effort to seek out good music you haven’t heard before – you might be surprised (in a pleasant way) and rekindle some of the joy you had listening to good music in your youth.

    The joy of a of new experience is different from the joy of nostalgia, so don’t limit yourself to only enjoying what’s comfortable, there’s more to life than nostalgia.

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