Friday Firesmith – Polly Anna, Super Freak

The first thing you’ll figure out is there has to be some way that I have the information I have, and I’m good with just letting things stay the way they are, with you having some idea of how I know, and wondering. We’ll leave it at that, okay? But the world is an interesting place because, up until I retired, I had to be fairly careful about some of the things I wrote, and who read what I wrote, and who knew what and where I was writing.

On Facebook, I blocked twenty-seven people who worked in the same department I did, including everyone in my office, and none of them knew they had been blocked.

There was this woman who worked up in another division, and she was always dressed neatly, was also very polite, prim and proper. She was friendly, but in a way that didn’t leave any doubt she wasn’t interested, and for a long time I wondered if she was just very private, as I am most of the time, or if she was wearing a front, because I used to, most of the time at work.

I was invited to join a FB group that was secret, and the topic of conversation was Internet Dating Gone Horribly Wrong. Horribly Wrong in this case meaning you went for sex and something weird happened. Just relax a bit, and wonder what could possibly go wrong when two total strangers get together for sex, and neither of them fully knowing what they’re getting into.

There are some truly interesting stories out there, and some, uh, cravings, that I do not understand. But that’s not my job, to understand what other people like, or why they like it, and who they like doing it with. If they want to talk about it in public, cool, I like being a text voyeur, and who knows if any of these people are actually telling the truth.

The Dog Named Peanut Buddy.
I’m reading some of the posts, and this woman is talking about a guy she met online who wanted to meet her at a motel. She agreed, but after they had finished their ‘date’, this guy follows her home. She didn’t realize it until he knocked on her door, and pushed his way in. Her dog, Peanut Buddy, was totally unamused with the action, and proceeded to go piranha on the man’s leg. She called 911, and the man fled. Two days later he shows up in the ER, his leg swelling because he’s got twenty puncture wounds from a medium sized dog.
Peanut Buddy. I know that dog. I know who adopted him. It’s Polly Anna telling this story.

I troll her a bit. I ask her what breed of dog Peanut is and she says he’s part pit and part collie. Bingo. It’s Polly Anna herself.

I’m not going any further with it than this, no need to say anything to her about it, or tell anyone else. Just keep walkin’, Preacher Man. But here’s where it gets interesting. Another woman who knows Polly comments that she didn’t know what he asked Polly to do, but she had met with this guy also, and he was into some deeply strange things. She went into detail that Jonco wouldn’t allow here.

The moral of the story is that with some people you just can’t tell. They have to make a living, but they also have a private life. Some people make more of a living than others. Some of us are more private than others.

Take Care,

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  1. Maybe you can move that “details” portion of your essay into Jonco’s dungeon of dark dirty secrets site, ya know Bits and Pieces After Dark, otherwise known as Naughty Bits.

  2. Some years back I had a big crush on an attractive blond at work. She was an inspector so I got to see and talk with her a lot. She was friendly and fun but I knew she was out of my league so telling her would make it awkward.
    we had worked together for 7 or 8 years when cruising through a voyeur website where people submit nudes of sometime themselves but usually their significant other. There she was with her new husband, in the backyard pool at night. He snapped some pictures while she made faces, silly poses, and drank wine.
    I talked myself out of grabbing screen shots and never told her or anyone else, but it did give me a cat that ate the canary feeling at work. ;o)

  3. I should be in the running for an Oscar for the performance I have to do every day at work so people think I’m some sort of ‘normal person’.

  4. I received a link from a friend of mine concerning a former pupil of mine. When I opened it, it was definitely her as the center of attention in a 15-20 minute bukkake session. Wow. I see her out and about some times, and of course, the mental picture pops up.

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