3 thoughts on “Finally settling down in Canada…”

  1. Hard to explain how much I hate royalty.
    But this is a good smoke screen for Uncle Andrew and his sex trafficking participation.
    And who remembers ‘Prince’ Andrew’s romp with porn star Koo Stark ?
    Yeah, no, let’s all focus on the second prettiest princess.

  2. Koo Stark? That was 40 years ago.
    Romp? They were engaged weren’t they?.
    Porn star? Sounds like you’ve never had a romp.

  3. No wonder I didn’t know what the joke was. I have gone out of my way to avoid anything that involves people who don’t belong in the news. The lives of royals or celebrities is the pass time of fools. Knitting isn’t for me, but holds more value than someone you don’t know getting undo attention. Ugh!

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