Friday Firesmith – Iraqi Exit

It’s hard to estimate what the Unites States has spent in Iraq. We’ve built dams, bridges, roads, hospitals, and we’ve created military bases everywhere. We’ve trained their military. We’ve educated their officers. We’ve funded and armed their air force, their army, and their version of the CIA. We’ve given them surveillance capabilities to spy on their arch enemy Iran, who incredibly enough, aren’t enemies with anymore. The Iranians have armed troops inside of Iraq acting on behalf of Russia, supporting those factions who seek to expel Americans from Iraq.

Trump’s assassination of a member of the Iranian government, inside Iraq, now makes expelling the Americans a lot easier for the Iraqi government. It’s given them a clear reason to do so. Even if they do not, they will not trust Trump to behave in a manner that is conducive to peace.

If America moves out of Iraq, we leave behind billions, if not trillions of dollars in military and intelligence assets. Every Iraqi we recruited as a spy, at any level, will be open to exposure once we are gone. Everyone we had in that country who we could count on, like the Kurds, will be betrayed. Every device, every camera, every protocol that we had in place will now be subject to examination by forces hostile to the United States.

If you thought the exodus from Saigon was messy, wait until you see the last chopper out of Baghdad.

The Iranians and the Russians will move into our evacuated military bases and they will inherit, without firing a shot, billions of dollars of infrastructure. They’re likely to find thumb drives and laptops, weapons and ammunition that were left behind in the full and hasty retreat America makes from yet another ally. Every piece of military equipment in the Iraqi army will now be a proxy of Iran, and Russia. The largest and strongest, and best equipped military force in the Middle east will belong to the Russian/Iran coalition. The dream of a Shiite Superstate, with Russia’s full backing, with be fulfilled.

The oilfields of Saudi Arabia, and the holiest cities of Islam, lay just across the open, and now totally unprotected, desert. Israel cannot be defended from an attack that has inside information on America’s command and control, from an aggressor using American technology, and attacking with American weapons, using information gathered using American techniques and systems.
The Iranian dream of wiping Israel from the face of the Earth is within reach, and there is nothing short of a nuclear response from America stopping it. And even that means setting off nuclear weapons so close to Israel there will be no victory.

There will be no NATO response. There will be no “Coalition of the Willing”. There will be no united force to stop Russia from taking over in the places where America abandons its assets and allies.

Trump has sown the wind. We will reap the hurricane.

Take Care,

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  1. It’s important to note this started with the illegal assassination of Soleimani. Yes, he was a bad guy. Nobody is disputing that. The dispute is rationale and legality. Yes, it was illegal. The US has a treaty against such actions. Yes it’s different than bin Laden because he was not a state actor. No, bin laden was not an assassination, it was at first an effort to capture him and bring him to trial, but he grabbed a gun and then was shot.

    Why Soleimani was killed has several possibilities. To distract from the impeachment. To distract from his loans that had Russians involvement. Because he got praise for Baghdadi, he believed the same would happen here. Which if this is the case, shows his utter ignorance of how this world works. (Baghdadi was also NOT a state actor). In all likelihood, all three are true. This is what happens when a child is put in charge of adult situations. Note, I have not presented a choice that involves national security, because his decisions are purely self-centered and not done what’s best for the country he is supposed to serve. And of course, he accepts no responsibility for the outcomes of his stupid decisions. His leaving a treaty to force new negotiations has backfired and he lacks the cajones to admit it.

    The cult followers will fall in line, essentially pissing on the Constitution while claiming they are the patriots in this situation. It’s important to note, that most of the people lining up to praise trump’s actions are the same geniuses who thought invading Iraq in 2003 was a great idea.

    On that note, not sure what to feel about leaving Iraq. On one hand it’s about time, on the other, this bonehead assassination brought a divided nation together. Those protesting against the religious leaders in Iran put their differences aside against the Iranian leaders and focused them on America and now Iran and Iraq are pals and now both are working against US interests. One plus is that the contempt from this stupid action is that many Iranians blame trump, not the American people. His reputation as an idiot is shielding much of the American people from blame. Which is probably why they informed of the attacks on the bases beforehand. Unfortunately, his stupidity could end up killing more of our sons and daughters.

    Then there’s the possible collateral damage of that airline in the aftermath. Who’s to say that a parent of one of those students won’t take their anger out on trump’s grade school level diplomacy.

    • You do very well in attempting to wrap this whole issue up in an anti-Trump package. But, it fails. It fails because instead of looking clearly at reality, it is motivated by an hatred of the President that fogs up your glasses so that you can’t see the import of having killed that man. Sure you can tie the declaration that it was “illegal” around it, But no country will agree to forego self defense in any “treaty.” And we did not. You reveal your Ilhan Omar-esque leaning when you even so much as suggest that Mr. Trump ordered Soleimani’s death out of an effort to obfuscate the “impeachment”. The partisan and even bizarre impeachment has done more to increase his popularity among non-Trump voters than even his protracted vigorous economy has. More over, the move if motivated by your feckless suggestion would have come in some form, whether with Soleimani or otherwise, would have certainly come closer to the election than now. Anti-Trump narratives like your have become utterly tiresome. Soleimani was THE major factor in destabilizing the entire Middle East. That can not be denied and can not be obscured by aspersions against the President. Our interests as a major world power were threatened and even if you’ve convinced yourself that President Trump is the only threat to the world and all living creatures, that remains the case. I am hugely grateful to the President for having the courage that his predecessor(s) didn’t have. I am even more grateful that the former President is no longer president because of the genuinely ignorant and negligent actions and policies regarding Iran and elsewhere…even if you declare them to be cloaked with “legality”.

      • What you call a “partisan and even bizarre impeachment” is only partisan because the GOP does not believe in the rule of law. The GOP has a history of treason and breaking the law. Nixon committed treason by interfering in Johnson’s peace talks; Reagan did it by negotiating with Iran to hold onto the hostages; Bush broke the law by lying us into a war. All these have supporting evidence. Plus GOP administrations in general have more criminals:
        Recent administrations with the MOST criminal indictments:

        Trump (Republican) – 215
        Nixon (Republican) – 76
        Reagan (Republican) – 26

        Recent administrations with the LEAST criminal indictments:

        Obama (Democrat) – 0
        Carter (Democrat) – 1
        Clinton (Democrat) – 2

        Only a cult follower would not see the pattern.

        “…President Trump is the only threat to the world”

        Because there are those in the world that think exactly that

        [img] src=””>[/img]

        As for your using in quotes with the word legality…you either believe in the Constitution or you don’t. You obviously don’t.

        • Wonderful. So you’re actually willing and able to site “indictments” that aren’t even remotely prosecutable, not to mention that the Republicans didn’t go on the witch hunts that the Democrats instigated with the now discredited…make that all-along discredited… “Mueller Investigation.” I guess you just forgot to mention his Attorney General having been held in contempt of Congress, even if you would have surely mentioned it if that happened to Trump’s Attorney General. I’ve read the comments here in this thread and I’ve heard all the clichés about “Fox News” and how Trump is crazy. I’ll briefly address that: it’s so darned easy to attempt to discredit anyone who might have watched Fox News and are very happy with the Trump Presidency. Well, let me tell you that I spent over a year watching MSNBC and CNN where the President was referred to incessantly as an “agent of Russia.” And, as to him being “crazy”; let’s take a walk down memory lane to the very first time the President’s physician held a press conference about his first medical. All the press was interested is “flushing out” the beyond-idiotic idea that he had “early signs of dementia.” What a disgusting display of anti-Trump hysteria that was there on television for all to see from the very start! Three years on, it isn’t President Trump that has to read canned answers when interviewed, it’s the “well-respected by the anti-Trump brigade, Sen. Schumer, the minority leader of the Senate, that fills that role very well today. This anti-Trump pathology is aloud and clear as reflected here in some of the comments, but thank goodness there are those who haven’t caught that virus. I take particular interest in your blithe reference to “indictments.” I will note that I’ve been a career prosecutor in New York State. The indictments you refer to are the kind that I would never have brought because i would have been ashamed to have. I’ll mention too, that it was (the now pathetically discredited) Democrat and former Chief Judge of New York’s highest court that poignantly wrote that “a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich.” Well, that’s what you’d find here in the indictments that you make such haughty reference to. None…let me repeat…none have anything to do with wrong-doing by President Trump. And I love how you intend to impress with what Germans have to say about it all! Yikes! You were really willing to go there?! To that I’ll say this…Who cares! But, I’ll add that it was Christoph Heusgen, the German Ambassador to the United Nations that was chosen by the Simon Wiesenthal Center to be in the list of Top 10 Anti-Semite of 2019. So don’t suppose for one minute that Germany or Germans is a measure of what’s right or wrong about Mr. Trump. Oh, and about “legality”: I don’t know you from the proverbial hole in the wall, but I’m certain that while you’re off tilting windmills about “Russian influence on President Trump”, you didn’t care a whit about Obama’s interference in Israeli politics when he did all he could to see to a Netanyahu’s defeat in their elections. So, you can pick and choose all you like but if someone is educated to facts beyond the meaningless anti-Trump “factoids” that you make-believe have the slightest value, they can easily see through them. Another thing…you can say that I don’t care about the Constitution. I do. Your philosophic allies showed how much value they…and you…have in the Constitution during the Kavanaugh Hearings. What a display that was. One more thing: If you don’t believe that this “impeachment”-thingee wasn’t partisan you also must believe in the Tooth Fairy. That’s so obvious that any more words to address it are superfluous. I appreciate your time, but I have to go donate to the Trump re-election Committee. It’s THAT important.

          • Alan, explain this.
            Recent administrations with the MOST criminal indictments:
            Trump (Republican) – 215
            Nixon (Republican) – 76
            Reagan (Republican) – 26

            Recent administrations with the LEAST criminal indictments:

            Obama (Democrat) – 0
            Carter (Democrat) – 1
            Clinton (Democrat) – 2

            • Here’s the thing…I have by now commented above about it. But, I’ld add this: politics has always been contentious. There have always been divides between the parties and there always will be. But, Trump’s election, defeating Hillary Clinton has led to something never heretofore experienced. I plead guilty to have been very disheartened when Obama was elected. I had a conversation with a “liberal” friend of mine who, on the other hand was very happy about it. Believe me when I tell you that I have enormous contempt for Obama. But, still, I so far as said to my friend, I’m just going to have to have trust and hope he will not be as bad as I believed and believe now he would turn out to be as President. Trump was not given that chance. For many people, including just about the entire Democrat establishment and throughout the “progressive” portion of the populace, it was an absolute foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton would win. She deserved it; having “paid her dues.” Together they and the press believed the “progressive” agenda, the “globalist enlightenment” that Obama had introduced would now be set in the stone that it deserved to be. They were beyond horrified when Trump who hardly espoused their philosophy won and the could not and would not sit idly by when it happened. The enlightenment that they believed Hillary Clinton would bring was not now to be and it brought an irrationality well beyond “normal” political disagreement The entire script had been ripped up by who they believed to be a bad actor. Investigations had been launched by prosecutors in Washington by Obama appointees that never would have been by ANY administration, Democrat or Republican. This is true in localities as well. With all the talks about “indictments” I can tell you that it is really easy to get one. In any event, with all the people convinced that Mr. Trump is a criminal, with all the “investigations” and “indictments”, he has not been shown, with even less than beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed any crime, even if many people choose to continue to believe he has. Taking the indictments that you inquire about, this is guilt by association and slanderous…and very very foolish, too.

              • This response is atypical of conservatives. Ignore the facts and blame someone else.

                Answer this yes or no question: Is ignoring a subpoena a violation of the law?

                I also responded to your lies but Jonco keeps deleting it even after I edited it so it met his criteria.

                • I didn’t delete anything, yet. Any comment with 3 or more links in it is automatically held for approval by the blog software since those kinds of comments are many times spam comments. I’ll look at them now and see if they’re okay to post and not just repeating the same thing over and over.

            • Those are facts and cultists choose to either ignore them or deny them. They are trained by Faux news and right wing radio what to think and if it’s not covered by these media outlets, a cultist has no ability to answer with an educated response.

              • I do really find your cookie-cutter responses to what I’ve written well illustrative of the anti-Trump mania that we see every day. Thank you for that. My responses aren’t at all “atypical of conservatives” as you say they are…and you quite know that but you’re now obviously at a loss to do anything other than resort to inane epithets like that. By the way, I’m sure you meant to say ‘typical’ and not “atypical” – I don’t really have to correct your English, do I?But be that as it may. Still, my pointing out the disgusting infamy of Germany’s actual representative in the UN in answer to your laughable lauding of Germany and how we ought to see it as a model for America isn’t at all ‘typical’ of “all conservatives” for example. I’m absolutely certain that you had never heard that from any conservative before OR from any of the idiotic inane vacuous left-wing news sources you get your poor-excuse for news from. Maybe you don’t agree but INFORMATION is actually very important in a discussion like this. Really, C.A.I, you need to be informed far better than you are because your writing, though voluminous, doesn’t reflect anything other than a pavlovian anti-Trump mindset that has simply gone off the wall. I suggest that you at very least, try to get back on the wall.

          • ” Republicans didn’t go on the witch hunts”

            I have to state that the above quote is nothing but unmitigated bullshit. The republicans have wasted more tax dollars on literal witch hunts from Joe McCarthy to Benghazi, the latter resulting in ZERO indictments. They spent millions on Bill Clinton for years only to catch him lying about a blow job. They started an investigation when Hillary fired her travel agent, which she had every right to do. They nearly had impeachment hearings when Obama wore a tan suit. Republicans constantly waste money and use investigations purely for political reasons.

            The Mueller Investigation provided proof of crimes, and Mueller said that crimes were committed—obstruction of justice. The only reason he didn’t indict trump was a policy created under Nixon’s administration. Mind you, it’s not law, but Mueller was told to abide by existing policy.

            ” beyond-idiotic idea that he had “early signs of dementia.”
            Anyone who claims that wind causes cancer certainly fits the criteria.

            “it isn’t President Trump that has to read canned answers when interviewed”

            No, but when he does read off a teleprompter, he reads like a third grader and still mispronounces words.

            “Well, that’s what you’d find here in the indictments…none have anything to do with wrong-doing by President Trump.”
            He is in contempt of Congress by ignoring subpoenas. It’s a crime. If you believe otherwise, you’re wrong. He attempted to bribe/extort a foreign leader into providing help with his election by lying about a political opponent. That’s a crime. It’s in the Constitution. Read it, you might learn something.

            “Christoph Heusgen”
            False equivalency. Two unrelated things. The link was to show one poll that among many, the world knows trump is an idiot and is dangerous.

            “Obama’s interference in Israeli politics when he did all he could to see to a Netanyahu’s defeat in their elections”
            So you are saying it’s okay for Russia to interfere in in US elections, because Obama did it to Israel. Well that answers where your allegiance lies.

            “I don’t care about the Constitution.”
            You don’t. You are lying if you say otherwise. You defend trump for every violation of the Constitution. And yes, he’s violating the Constitution. Just because you say he doesn’t does not make it true. He is violating so many laws on a daily basis. He is with holding his tax info when the law clearly states the Congressional committee has the absolute right to get it. He is profiting from his properties in direct violation of the emoluments clause. He violated campaign finance laws by paying hush money to his whores. He obstructed justice nearly a dozen times. He violates national security by overriding security denials to members of his family. He violated election laws by emailing foreign officials to solicit political contributions. He violated Wisconsin election laws by talking with voters as they stood in line to vote. Not to mention Trump University and his charity scam. He’s a grifter.

            “Kavanaugh Hearings. What a display that was.”

            Certainly was. Kavanaugh showed he’s way to emotional and immature to handle the responsibility of a grown-up job. Poor baby had puddles of tears when he finished screaming and stomping with his hissy fit. But he’s emblematic of the typical republican snowflake.

            “If you don’t believe that this “impeachment”-thingee wasn’t partisan you also must believe in the Tooth Fairy.”
            The only partisan players are the republicans who never once debated the facts, but rather worked on misdirection, discrediting, promoting the Russian propaganda line that it was Ukraine that is the guilty party and lying that Biden did the same thing that trump is guilty of. If you don’t see that, you are guilty of being a cult member who lacks the ability to see and hear the truth. The Democrats addressed the Constitution and asserted trump violated it. All the evidence points to it, but the GOP, a well established criminal enterprise, believes in party before country, so they utilize lies and rely on their propaganda TV network and right wing hate radio to sell their message to the rubes.

            Finally let’s get this “imminent threat” straight. The line being pushed now is that 4 embassies were targeted. If it was imminent–which is defined as immediate! urgent!–why weren’t the hundreds of people working there evacuated? If it was imminent and demanded immediate action, why did trump spend nearly a week walking the halls of Mar-a-Lago hinting about it?

            The thing is, the questions I ask and the facts I point out are never countered by you. You simply walk around them or ignore them.

            Go ahead and contribute. He needs the money. Compared to the all the Democratic candidate funds combined, he’s far behind. Once the field gets down to one, he may not be able to compete financially.

            For those keeping track of republican treason and dishonesty:


            Reagan: Search (CSM+ARGO+bani-Sadr)

            Bush 1: Search (NYT+12.24.92+Bush Pardons)

            Bush 2:

            Also note, that of the last 7 elections, Democrats won the popular vote six times. When more people come out to vote, Democrats win every time. So tell your friends and family to get out and vote!

      • the problem is that US administrations (yes, this was started at least with Obama!) see extralegal killings with rockets as their right.
        Even *if* Soleimani was a threat to the US or “the region” – or even the world – the *right* thing would get him before a court of law.
        How would you react if – say – the Iran decides that – say – Admiral Clarke (commander Special Operations) was a threat to their country and used rockets to bomb the car he travels in and flattens half a city block while doing so?
        Does the term Golden Rule (Don’t do unto others…) mean anything to you?

        Even *if* it would be the right thing to do such extralegal killings the US could at least pretend to try to limit casualities to the one person they want killed. What’s the next step up? “We don’t know where in Baghdad he is, just throw a hydrogen bomb to make sure we don’t miss him”?

        “Kill them all and let God sort them out” is such a medieval concept.

        • Engywuck, you may have just made the best point of the day here. Can we declare someone a threat and kill them at will? What about other people with that person? Just because it can be done easily, does that mean we should do it more often, or does that mean we’re too lazy to seek justice in any other way?

      • Oh, Alan, turn off Fox and hate radio and sit down and read some facts from credible sources. In addition, it’s very sad that you see screaming and bluster and irrational acts as “courage.”

    • Just as I thought… the plane was collateral damage.

      “Guard forces ringing the capital had beefed up their air defenses and were at the “highest level of readiness,” fearing that the U.S. would retaliate.”

      It’s like if a person goes in to rob a bank, the security guard pulls out his gun and accidentally shoots a customer. The robber is liable because he created the situation.

      The blood of these passengers is on trump’s hands. Not that he cares, but he’s guilty of felony murder.

      • Rep. Matt Gaetz (a trump toady) circulated an email to all other republican members urging them to vote to curb trump’s Iran power, other republicans fought back, private emails show.

        As much as I detest Gaetz, he is at least consistent as he had the same position under Obama.

        Just more proof that the GOP is more about the party than even acknowledging the Constitution. They are a total anti-American, hate the Constitution political party.

  2. It’s only January. Imagine what the next year will bring…and quite possibly the next 5 years. What remnants of America will be left?

  3. We can always be armchair quarterbacks and second guess what has been done but no-one that I have heard/ read has a better idea. If everyone opposing president Trump would try to get behind him and help him, where do you suppose we would be now??

    • Emette: how can one help Trump? He is unpredictable, mentally unstable and totally unreliable. His advisors can’t be sure they will have a job tomorrow. And his base is already gone down the slippery slope of bread and circuses. The American Empire is now just a hugely-armed directionless entity that noone else trusts or respects. Fear, even terror, yes. Leadership? None. Just waiting for the Barbarians to finish the job.

    • Emmette, I think there’s a lot of people who have had a lot better ideas. And there have been people who have tried to help Trump, too. The Kurds, for example, helped Trump fight ISIS in Syria. He fed them to the Turks. There were many people who had a lot better ideas than that. There was General John Kelly, and General Jim Mattis, both of which had better ideas than Trump, and both of which tried to help him. He fired them both. There’s no end of better ideas than those Trump has, and there is no end of people trying to put this Trumpster Fire out.

      If everyone got behind Trump where would we be? 1941 Germany. That’s where we would be.

    • Emmette,. Trump won’t accept help, or guidance, or expertise, or even the pointing out of facts! The only ones left in his administration are toadies and yes men — and those like Lindsey who are paralyzed by kompromat.

  4. I can see 2020 will simply be more time to for you bash our president.
    Mike, you’re much more fun to read when you don’t share a ONE SIDED view of the current resident in the White House. HALF the voters voted for DT, and he will win re-election by a majority. Half of voting Americans disagree with you. Maybe you should do a Friday article on these facts:

    • Fly Guy, your math sucks. About 63 million Americans voted for Trump, about 66 million voted for Clinton. About 108 million Americans DID NOT VOTE. Show me how 63,000,000 out of 174,000,000 is 50%. You supply a fantastic example of the lunacy of the hard core Trumpistas. You know, using what Kellyanne described as, “alternative facts”.

      • Come on ! Roughly half of the voters voted for Trump. True, 108M Americans did not vote. Imagine if they did and they all voted for Trump !

        • Now it’s “roughly” half. Well, precisely more voted for Hillary.

          And if the GOP didn’t push their voter suppression, even more than half would have voted for Hillary. In fact, they probably did, but somehow many machines malfunctioned!

        • You’re an example of the person who believes that a “Participation” award is greater than being the best.

          For example, an item in one of your links says: “New unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.” While true, it’s insignificant. Why? Because Obama took unemployment at the height of the recession of 10% down to 4.70%, while under trump it’s 3.5%. Obama reduced unemployment by over 5% while trump has reduced unemployment by just barely more than 1%. Obama easily more than did 3x better than trump–who is benefitting from economic trends from the previous administration. You can try to credit his tax breaks for the rich, where over 80% of your tax money went to the extremely wealthy, but it’s still less. Are you mature enough to admit this? I await you ignoring this post.

          and BTW, no new wall has been built, contrary to his list. Old wall replaced, sure, but no new additional wall.

          • The Trump administration on Friday marked the 100th mile of wall construction along the southern border — describing it as a “milestone achievement” and promising that there are many more miles to come by the end of the year.

            “Today is a milestone that has been reached and a celebration is in order,” Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said in front of wall in Yuma, Arizona. “Today I am proud to report that the Trump administration has constructed 100 miles of border wall system along the southern border.”

            “This is a milestone achievement for the president, for the department and more importantly for our country — including communities like Yuma,” he said.

            The wall was a central campaign promise of President Trump’s 2016 bid, and he will be keen to show the electorate that he has delivered on that promise. The administration has pledged to build 450 miles by the end of 2020. Wolf told reporters that he was still confident that that promise would be fulfilled, even despite a series of congressional and legal hurdles the administration has been forced to overcome.

    • Here is another example of a cult member. Someone who has no clue as to what a fact is. Obviously, so bad at math, they believe 46% is equal to 48%, and that both are equal to 50%. This is how cult thinking operates…in an alternate reality.

      They don’t bother to look further and see that the bulk of these “new” jobs are low paying part time jobs, with many people working multiple jobs. But that would involve critical thinking AND work to do the research, which cultists won’t do because they mindlessly believe what they are told by the propaganda machine.

      It’s disconcerting when mental health professionals are screaming that a madman is in the White House and members of the cabinet and Congress need to do something. All signs of a sociopath are so obvious, yet cult followers are oblivious to it as they are willing to ignore all social norms to defend their god.

      They excuse the lies. They excuse his crimes. They excuse his sexual predatory nature. They excuse the slurring of words. They excuse the rambling nonsense. They excuse the fact he’s cost them more in tax dollars with his golfing in one year than Obama did in eight years. They ignore science and condemn their children to painful futures because it’s all about “owning the libs”. Reason has no place in their world.

      • Which is illegal to alter a NOAA report!!

        Breaking news: WSJ: “Mr. Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate, associates said.”

        Really using “imminent threat” is just BS. He has no ability to do anything unless it benefits himself. He doesn’t give a crap about the country and its people.

  5. The heart of this commentary is an anti-Trump narrative. Every single move that Mr. Trump makes has been met with a dire, negative…predictive critique. None have come true. That’s because the impulse that many have to find some way…some how…to spew out silly analyses in order to show how the President has destroyed the world as we (they) know it is overwhelming for them.

    • Because every single thing Trump has done has been against expert advice. He thinks he’s smarter than all the generals. He said so. He thinks he smarter than everyone! But he had his fixer (now in prison) threaten every school he ever attended that if they ever revealed a single grade of his, he’d destroy them financially. That doesn’t sound like the act of a “brilliant” man. He is entirely incapable of thinking from B to C. Any fool can think from A to B. But Trump never, ever has a reason (except for his gut and his “brilliant” mind), which is why everything Trump touches dies.

    • [img] src=”“>[/img]

      Like most detested people, he has to pay people to be his friends. Just like he did when he made his initial announcement that he was running.

    • Impeachment happened. It will always be there as a matter of historical record. Conviction is another thing as republicans don’t respect the rule of law or the Constitution.

      • This remark is so laughable that it needn’t even be delved into. This impeachment process is as credible as Adam Schiff. It’s not so much as indelible as a commentary on Mr. Trump as it is on an obsessed, loony Democrat Party. That’s it true legacy.

  6. I go out for the first time in a month and this happens. I can’t leave you people alone for a minute can I? Okay, you seem to be all alive and Jon hasn’t deleted this or blocked anyone I recognize, so carry on, you’re doing a wonderful job! 😉

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