Friday Firesmith – 2019

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last Friday Firesmith of this year. 2019 was an interesting year, to say the least, and it’s not over quite yet.

This was the year I sent my sister’s dogs, The Cousins, back home to her. I made room for Wrex Wyatt’s return to me, and the adoption of Budlore Amadeus, The Dog Left Hanging. Tyger Lynn was killed. I knew she would be, one day, by something. That dog had a violent streak in her that defied training and logic. Tyger never found peace in this life, or in her death, and perhaps, there is something past this life, where she will. I miss Tyger Lynn. I wish I could have healed her, and made her whole again.

Mom moved in with us here at Hickory Head in 2019. That kicked off the creation of her studio, formerly known as ‘The She Shed”, and also kicked off renovations that would make her life easier here. We built a ramp for her to get into and out of the front door, with ease. We also built a walkway for her to get from the backdoor to the studio withot having to cross over the yard, which is full of roots and things that might trip an aging Mom. We built a patio in front of the studio so Mom could paint outside in nice weather. Mostly, all of this made Mom feel like there was a part of this house that belonged to her, and she belonged here.

Budlore, who has never been fully social, adopted Mom the moment she walked through the door, and he has not left her side since. Self-appointed Protector of the Mom, and Lap Dog extraordinaire, Bud made Mom feel as if he were waiting for her arrival, and there would always be someone watching over her. Delivery people and would-be evangelists have discovered that Budlore Adamateus doesn’t have an off switch and he doesn’t give a damn. The Mom will be protected. Is Bud serious? He sure looks like he is. I’ll take it.

Retirement snuck up on me in 2019. It’s something that’s been kicked around for the last year or so, and with Mom here, I made the decision to jump. I think it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. I do not miss working for the man.

And then there were my health issues, late in the year. I wound up hospitalized and operated on. Health scares are always good for the soul if not the body. You have to think about what’s important in your life when someone points out that the end could be one bad judgment away.

However, if I had to pick one event in the last year that made the biggest impact, I would have to say Mom moving in was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I get to watch her art move forward in a manner it has never before, and I get to spent time with Mom, now.

What’s the biggest thing in 2019 that happened to you?

Take Care,

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9 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – 2019”

  1. You’ve been so busy finding forever homes you didn’t realize YOU needed one.
    Now Mom has given you your forever home.

    • Bruce, I’m certainly grounded for while now. The doctor is taking the staples out Tuesday, and I’ll find out how long I’ll be on light duty. But I am just getting to the point I can go to town and back without it wearing me out.

  2. I’m so glad your “dog left hanging” was hanging around to meet your mom. She’s just what he needed. He found his purpose.
    I hate that Tiger Lynn met a violent end, it’s hard to lose a pup in any way, but that’s got to be the hardest. I remember feeling heartsick for you at that. I still feel so saddened by it.
    I’m glad you’ll be with us a while longer, I’ve had a couple of health scares myself, I believe you have out-scarred me though.
    I can’t think of any thing significant that happened to me in 2019, for that I am grateful. I’d rather have a boring seemingly dull life than one filled with drama and strife at every turn.
    Happy New Year to All- May your lives be dull and drama-free!!

    • Chick, Tyger Linn never knew when to stop. The day I had to drag her butt from under the shed should have taught her something, because she was really stuck, but no. I’m willing to take a boring year if it means staying out of the hospital.

  3. Happ New Year Mike. I hope 2020 will be good for you and your Mam and the furbabies. 2019 was good for me as I met the only love of my life again after 30 years. This time it will be forever❤️

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