4 thoughts on “Is anyone a doctor?”

  1. Is this supposed to be funny? Does anyone think that a doctor in gender studies doesn’t believe there are people who use the pronoun “she”?

    • From the annoying smirk on the doctor’s face, it would appear that she’s suggesting that the patient-to-be was assigned male at birth and therefore not really a “she”, but a doctor of gender studies should know better than to use a pronoun that didn’t match the gender that they were presenting. Presuming the guy knows the patient-to-be, he would know their gender in the first place, so the doctor is completely out of line either way.

      If there’s a joke here, it’s lost.

    • it plays on the stereotype that ‘genders-studies’ specifically advocates the claims either that ‘gender is a social construct’ (and not at all related to what equipment is between your legs) and the notion that there are hundreds/even thousands of ‘genders’ – https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a20888315/genders-identity-list-definitions/

      so the implication that someone with a doctorate in gender studies would be focused on whether you are using the proper pronoun or “assuming gender” instead of focusing on the much more pressing concern for the subjects life threatening condition is the joke.

  2. ‘gender is a social construct’, it certainly is.
    Language is a social construct.
    Medicine is a social construct.
    Social constructs happen because they are needed to make our lives better.


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