56 years ago today…

Do you remember where you were? I was in high school, having just come back from lunch and getting ready for my next class. A classmate walked into the room with a girl and he said to me, Jon, didn’t Kennedy just get shot?” I thought he was just pulling a prank on her and said, “Yes”. Just a minute or so later they made the announcement that the president had indeed been assassinated in Dallas Texas.

A look back at the JFK assassination

8 thoughts on “56 years ago today…”

  1. I remember very well. 8th grade English class. Lots and lots of memories. 12 yr old is a pretty impressionable age. I remember more of that weekend than I do last weekend.

  2. I was a 7 year old kid living in England back then, mum kept me home from school while she cried all day. Kennedy was respected and very well liked, globally.

  3. I mathed it correctly in my head to 56 years but the 56 line and the year 1963 line crossed paths on the way from my brain to my typing fingers. Corrected.

  4. I was six years old and I remember standing in the doorway leading from the lounge room to the kitchen in Tasmania.Mum and Nan were whispering things like “I don’t know what the world is coming to”. Even at that age I knew someone important had been shot and everyone liked him.

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