4 thoughts on “What idiot needs this advice?”

  1. Here in NZ a couple of kids climbed onto the roof of their school, kicked a sky light in and, in doing so, fell 8 metres, one to his death, the other, landing on top of the first, getting broken bones and ending up in hospital in a serious condition.
    Now the school says they will put a metal grid over the replacement sky light so that other young people don’t die.
    I may be missing something, but do we need to bubble wrap the world so half witted people can continue to live ?

    • This isn’t about protecting the half-wits, it’s about protecting the school from being sued. Also, tween/teens’ brains are in the throes of rewiring during puberty, making them more likely to risk-take; they’ve been doing stupid things since the beginning of time. (I’m assuming that when you say “kid” you mean someone over, say, 12) Most (though certainly not all) grow out of that moronic phase by the age of 25 (when male brains are “finished” (female brains are complete slightly younger)). So it’s not a bad idea for schools to be “idiot-proofed” with that in mind.

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