1 thought on “If you ever feel like a dumbass…”

  1. I know you Americans use the other word for donkey to denote a backside …. what those of us that use the English English call an arse, so I find the above a bit funny because her ‘ass’ is HUGE and must therefore speak volumes.
    Mainly about who actually finds fat attractive ? (I am not a slim person myself so I am allowed to critique) … a friend of mine says fat arses are called ghetto bums because the ghettoes are inhabited by those whose race historically has desired women with enough stored fat on their bodies to carry them and all the babies they are gonna make, through the next 17 droughts.
    While I hide away happily in the South Pacific Islands, where indeed a fair few of the races sharing the country like fat bottomed women, my tastes lean (see what I did there) strongly towards the French way, wherein French mothers, bless them, feed their daughters only the leanest food, and even then just a little of it, the sole reason being to ensure their lovely daughters grow up nice and slim and able to fit in an Alfa Romeo seat.
    Lol, some of the island airlines started charging extra for big people, fair enough when you take into account it costs mega bux to get their lard filled ‘asses’ off the ground.

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