4 thoughts on “Of all the utensils invented to eat rice…”

  1. Because it’s used in cultures where rice is sticky and it works great. I prefer the “two sticks” to a fork or spoon when I eat Japanese rice.

      • Actually, with sticky rice the rice (as the name indicates) sticks together so you get clumps/balls of rice instead of the usually one piece. This way, you can use chopsticks to eat rice–and manage to actually eat.

        I have also seen people eat rice with chopsticks by holding the bowl of rice close to their mouth and basically shoveling the rice in with the chopsticks.

        Of course, if you mean you do not know how to use chopsticks–or not able to–then yes, you would not be eating rice with two sticks.

        • I don’t see the point of trying to use 2 skinny sticks to eat food, especially tiny food, when I have perfectly good spoons and forks.

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