Weekend Open Mic

Weather: BRRRR!

The week ahead: I may go help do some work at out club on Sunday if I’m feeling up to it (might have a cold coming on) since it’ll be a bit warmer than it will the rest of the week.  Not much else planned.

TV Binging: We watched Modern Love (Prime) and I really liked that.  8 episodes, 6 are really good and 2 are fair but they all tie together nicely.  Watched several episodes of Working Moms (Netflix).  Has some funny moments but I’m not sure I’ll make it thru 3 seasons of that.  Still enjoying This Is Us and A Million Little Things, Walking Dead and Talking Dead.  A new season of Shameless (Showtime) starts on Sunday night.

Vegas: Hoping to get a few more people committed to joining us in Las Vegas the first week of April.  Info here.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. I forgot to add that we’re about 3 or 4 episodes into The Spy (Netflix). While generally not my kind of movie, I’m finding it quite interesting.

  2. So thirty years ago today, I was in Berlin to fix some gear at the Freie Universität. It had been crashing sporadically for a couple of months and the tension between my company and the client was pretty high. My boss made it sound like ‘If you don’t fix this you needn’t come home’.

    There was a lot going on around the Iron Curtain that autumn but it was mostly in the background, something to catch up on in the evening news. There wasn’t the faintest hint that this would change dramatically in the next hours.

    We had gotten permission from the professor of the faculty to work as late as necessary. At about seven in the evening the security guy noticed the lights on in the lab and came to tell us that he needed to shut everything down now and lock up. We still had not isolated the problem and were tired and frustrated. I told him we had permission to be there and please go away, and if he had a problem with that, please call the professor on this number.

    About an hour later we finally found the most likely source of the crashes. We replaced some stuff and then started to test the equipment in all possible configurations we could think of. This was slow, boring and exhausting.

    At about 10 the security guy came again and said that the gate between East and West Berlin at Bernauerstrasse had just been opened and East Berliners were streaming over into West Berlin. I didn’t believe a word of it and I was a little pissed off. I thought he just wants us out of the building so he can go back to sleep somewhere.

    Anyway shortly before midnight we knew we had it fixed. We packed up and called a taxi to bring us back to our hotel. Happy but completely exhausted (I had to leave home about 4 in the morning in Munich to get the flight to Berlin), we left the university.

    I noticed there was a lot more traffic on the road than usual. This was a Thursday, and apart from the city center, Berlin was normally deathly boring in the suburbs during the week. It was only when we got back to the hotel and there were so many people around the television in the bar, some of them with tears running down their check that we knew something big had really happened. History was being made, right here, right now.

    My colleague, a Berliner who was born and grew here and only knew it as a split and isolated city, suggested we drop our gear at reception and get over to Bernauerstrasse. I thought about it for a second and told him ‘You go; I am so tired I can barely stand upright’.

    Biggest mistake I ever made.

    A double espresso and some rehydration and I could have seen history unfold in front of my eyes.

    But somehow the whole reunification thing worked out without my immediate interaction.

    So that’s nice.

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