Friday Firesmith – The Death Penalty For Child Molesters

Back in my home town of Blakely Georgia, everyone knew, and everyone loved, Smilin’ Bob, the manager of the grocery store. What we didn’t know is that he began sexually assaulting his daughter beginning when she was eight years old. No one, as far as I knew, ever did anything about it, Bob was never arrested, and he never did a moment of time for what he did. Back in the 70’s, that sort of thing was considered to be a family problem.

My friend Kenny dated a fourteen year old there for a few months. Kenny was nineteen, the girl in question was fourteen, but emotionally and mentally speaking, she seemed older than he. Kenny wasn’t all there most of the time, but he was a really good guy. His girlfriend smoked pot, drank, and we all thought she was over eighteen. That could have gotten Kenny prison time, and I couldn’t see it being justice but at the same time, fourteen.

The problem here is you can’t look at someone fourteen as a maybe adult. You have to draw the line, the line has to be held, and right now in Georgia that line is seventeen years old. I’m actually good with that. I really and truly believe there are sixteen year olds, and younger, who can make adult decisions but I think there are a hell of a lot more who cannot. Does that mean Kenny should have served time? Damn, it sucks, but yeah. You can’t have men that age sleeping with girls that age, and any DA worth his salt is going to say the same thing.

But that’s one thing. The girl Bob attacked was eight years old when it started. There’s no one out there who is sane who can sit there and tell you they thought a second grader looked old enough to drink beer. There’s nothing sexy or sexual about a child. The men, or women, who look at kids sexually are going to be able to make a case that they’re attracted to someone younger, and the emotional age difference really isn’t a thing. But you and I know that’s a lie.

Moreover, I will submit to the audience, that once someone, male or female, has shown some sort of tendency towards preying on children for sexual gratification, there’s no way to guarantee it won’t happen again, and there is no reason to trust these people, either. Does this mean that Kenny should have been locked away forever or even executed? No, there’s a fine line there, and I’m pretty sure a jury would see it. I still have some issues with that one.

The only problem with execution is the only problem ever with execution, and that would be what are you going to do if ten years later there’s evidence it didn’t happen? Maybe second, or third offense? I could live with that, too.

In March of 2014, I was a foreman on a jury that sent a man to prison for 25 years for incest. He had just served twenty years for a similar offense. When he gets out he’ll be in his eighties, but if he can attack a child at that age, I’m pretty sure he will.

The idea that we owe people like this a place in our world is wrong. The idea they have some sort humanity left inside and we should spare their lives is dangerous to any child they ever get near again, ever.

Guns are never the only answer to any problem, but even I have to admit that in this case, yes, it would solve the problem and totally eliminate repeat offenders.

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  1. How about we lock up the perpetrator and when the victim turns 18 they have the choice of executing the perp or not?

  2. I have to agree that these pedophiles should be executed, especially the ones who prey on the very young. There is nothing sexy about a toddler, yet there are people who molest them, and younger. There have also been cases of animal abuse where the same thing has happened. I feel the same about those “people” I’m just not sure who I’m more disgusted by. I’ve no use for child abusers nor animal abusers on my best day, and I really don’t if I have no coffee in my system.
    Having said all of that, I do agree that some teens mature much faster than others, I myself am a prime example of that. I met my ex husband when I was 15 and we married when I was 16. Yes, he was older. I was more mature than the other people my age, and could really not stand to be in their company. I say that still, looking back as a 50 year old woman.

  3. I think the best punishment for those males guilty without a doubt is permanent castration and life imprisonment. Tho I admit if it was one of our precious grandchildren I would want them dead.
    It is all too common and too sad. Also cases where females, even teachers are guilty of preying on young people. Then we have religions where girls are married off as young as 12, and condoned by religious leaders.
    Whether it is incest or clergy abusing kids, the perps know it is wrong, and it beggars belief that they can go about their lives with their secrets, and to all outsiders look as if they are good people. Too many young lives ruined, their childhoods snatched from them by those who should be nurturing them.

  4. I’m not sure that 25-life in prison is the best solution for the taxpayer – or – even the death penalty. What does this do for the victim(s)? If you, as a pro-dog person, know that in order to get your pup to stop humping everything from other dogs to visitors – you have the dog “fixed”. Why can’t we castrate the human perpetrators? (Physical not chemical!). (And for pedophiles whose career choice had them take a vow of celibacy – they shouldn’t take issue with this procedure). I know I’m looking at this from one (admittedly grumpy) side – and most likely we can never guarantee that the victim(s) receive justice. (In some countries, a man who rapes a child is forced to marry the child — yea, I’m sure that’s fair for the child???? WTF?). We meed some sort of deterrent that will make someone re-think their actions… and if they do cross the line – they’ll need to be reminded of their inherent stupidity by some sort of social stigma, possibly a catch – neuter – release program that has been previously tested on animals — along with the “cone of shame” that animals wear after their surgery. (The scarlet letter thing won’t work in this day of the popularity of tattoos).

    • July, rape doesn’t always require male sexual organs — the urge to abuse and dominate does not end with castration. And deterrents don’t work against the mental fixation. BTW, if you read the articles I linked to, you’ll see that it’s not only in other countries that girls are forced to marry their rapists.

      • Elagle – I wondered if your comments were meant for me – but you attached them to someone else’s response. Whether a person is forced through some court to marry a young girl, or a young man – it doesn’t solve the problem for the child. i.e. If a man rapes a young boy – having that man marry the boy doesn’t absolve the man of the crime. Let me try woman-splaining it: If someone steals your vehicle, and is caught — do they have the legal right to drive it because they already drove it in the past and paid the fine?

        Someone’s religion doesn’t absolve them from the crime, whether it’s Muslim, Christian or any other affiliation. Just because things happen in other countries, other religions, doesn’t make it right.

  5. It’s not too late to report that pedophile Kenny, he’s probably still up to it. Might want to clue the police / child services into the fact he’s known by others to commit these types of crimes. They might dig up plenty of recent crimes.

  6. You’d be shocked, surprised, and amazed at what some people will do to another person to get sexual gratification through deviancy.

    That was told to me in my earliest days as a Paramedic by a Sheriff’s Deputy at a rather bizarre crime scene.

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