3 thoughts on “Dick’s has competition…”

  1. No, they sell ARs because they are psychotic and/or immoral enough to sell weapons with no other purpose than to slaughter many, many people very, very quickly. The irony is that the purported “need” for these weapons is for paranoid and irrational people to “protect themselves from the US military” — even though the US military has bombers, tanks, RPGs, and a whole slew of other weapons that will leave Bubba and his AR15 jsut a greasy patch in the road. The real, most likely use of an AR15 is to slaughter little boys and girls just before Christmas, or to “deal with” someone’s homophobia by spraying a nightclub with bullets, or to terrorize and murder concert-goers like it’s some sort of hunting game, or to, just for fun, kill as many people as possible in a movie theater. If you want to carry a gun like this, enlist.

  2. I clicked on the comments to ask what an AR was.
    Now I know, and YES to the above comments.
    WTF, America, just stop it.

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