1 thought on “What the duck?”

  1. Yeah, its 2020 in a few minutes or so, and we stand scared and unready for the AI invasion, yet our phones, costing more than a week’s wages and little wonders of the modern age, cannot learn that we, or at least I, a grown man who has worked in construction for 40 years, and has walked amongst men and ‘ladies’ that ride big motorbikes, never use the word duck in a conversation (apart from this ‘conversation’ right now) but DO use the word fuck (without an asterisk always) up to 3476 times a day, ok, sometimes a shade fucking less, but you get my drift.
    I have always wondered, is it some god believing so called do gooder that has programmed every phone’s e-brain to select duck rather than fuck, in an effort to make the world a …. what, better ? place.
    For fuck’s sake.

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