Friday Firesmith – Time for T

I live with four dogs and have never been known for my housekeeping skills. Mom, having moved in eight months ago, is fighting the good fight, but there is a lot of dust and a lot of dog in this house. Housecleaning with four dogs inside is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. I thought my keyboard glitching with the W key was a product of dust. It would repeat a letter, sometimes twice, but no big deal. I pounded out the emails and the Friday Firesmith posts and never wondered if things might just get worse.

When the letter T quit cold turkey, I discovered that letter shows up more frequently than your next-door neighbor after the pizza delivery car just left. Since I have a Mac, and there is never any trouble with Mac computers, I took it to a Mac place and let them looks at it. Seems that there’s a recall on the keyboards. It also seems that the switches they used in them are dying faster than dinosaurs after a rock festival.

The place that sold me this Mac shipped it off for me to get it fixed, and they said it might be two to three weeks. Two weeks without a laptop or anything else to write on. What could possibly go wrong?

I left the laptop with them on Monday, September the 23rd. During that time, I used two different library computers, borrowed time on mom’s, borrowed time on a friend’s laptop, and came close to buying a backup computer, which I think now is an even better idea. This is like sleeping on someone’s sofa because your girlfriend kicked you out for setting off fireworks inside her apartment. You know she’s going to get over it, but you also know it won’t be anytime soon. In the meantime, you aren’t going to sleep well or get anything done at all.

Also, like someone who has been kicked out of his girlfriend’s apartment, word gets out. You start looking to borrow some keyboard time and people are like, “I heard what you did. You’re on your own. Go away.” Because really, no one really wants to loan you a device where you could log onto Amazon and buy a small New England state, or start a “Herpes Dating Site” group in FB and invite everyone on your friend’s friend list.

You’d be surprised at how often I wake up in the middle of the night and start writing. But there was nothing to be done for it. I had to wait this thing out. Oddly, one week to the day I took it in, it arrived back home, all fixed and all the letters working. It was like getting a dog back from the vet’s and you sit there and wonder how on earth you managed for so very long.

I missed writing. I missed being able to write when I wanted to and when I felt I needed to write. But if you have a Mac computer built after 2014, get ready to ship it off one day. I just hope this is the end and not the beginning.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Time for T”

  1. It only took a week because they knew in advance the lowest bidder had screwed the pooch and exactly how to fix it.

  2. I’m feeling lucky. I bought a 27″ iMac in about 2012, but I kept my old white keyboard with the keypad on the right because I’ve always had better luck with that than the number keys (even when I was using typewriters). I do have the small, chiclet-key keyboard in its original box, just in case.

    Having used typewriters for years between HS and the 70’s, I need the tactile feel and sound of a “real” keyboard. Dreading when I have to replace this iMac, because I don’t, and won’t, use the ‘cloud’ and still have a CD/DVD player (external), and a connected printer. I’m probably one of the few Luddite computer-users left.

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