4 thoughts on “Iranian TV censorship”

  1. They censor for religious reasons …. but I reckon if they were right and there actually WAS a god, he/she or it would make sure women were born with fur, if he/she or it wanted men not to be able to see them as sex objects (or whatever their stupid reasons are) and then, when they grow up and get married, everybody in the sect of stupid gets together and shaves the woman, leaving her a bloody mess, ready for the nuptials of the night.

    I really worry about the effect religions have on world peace (nearly as much as oil) and I avoid doing deals with people who believe in fairy stories, Harry Potter, and any god, be it in the clouds, or bouncing around their crazy brains.

    Mind you Hermione has always done it for me.
    Not when she was a child, I’m not peedo, but as soon as god gave her tits.
    Unfurry ones.

    (Maybe a bit when she was a child, but I suppressed those feelings, way down, god made me)

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