13 thoughts on “Meaty Movies”

  1. Gleaming the Sausage (Gleaming the Cube)
    Apocalypse Sausage
    Beauty and the Sausage
    The Sausage King
    The Sausage Purple
    The Passion of the Sausage

  2. Apocalypse Sausage –> not Sausage Now?

    For Sausages The Bell Tolls
    Sausage Unchained
    The Final Sausage
    Sausage Troopers
    Arsenic and Old Sausage
    Sausage Of The Vampire (original: Shadow…)
    28 Sausages Later

  3. Monty Python:
    and the Holy Sausage

    Sausage of Brian
    Life of Sausage

    the Sausage of Life
    the Life of Sausage

  4. The Man with one Red Sausage
    Total Sausage
    Sausages on a Plane
    Godzilla: King of the Sausages
    Star Wars: The Last sausage

  5. 12 Angry Sausages
    My Sausage Vinny
    Blazing Sausage
    The Good, the Bad, and the Sausage
    Rosemary’s Sausage
    Night of the Living Sausage
    Sausage at Tiffany’s
    Wllie Wonka and the Sausage Factory
    Back to the Sausage
    A Sausage on Elm Street
    Groundhog Sausage
    Sausage Strangelove
    The 40 Year Old Sausage
    You’ve Got Sausage

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