29 thoughts on “Which glass gets full first?”

    • Can’t be six either. You said below to look at the connection between 7 and 3. Look at the end of the tube going to six 🙂

  1. It’s too difficult to tell from the information provided.
    Maybe add more .jpeg artifact to the image and we’ll take a better look.

  2. None of them! If it’s beer you’re putting in there. I’ll drink it first.

    If it’s prune juice I’d say 3.

  3. none of them: one bottle of beer gets distributed between one and three, then the contents is gone so none of them get filled/

  4. 7, and only 7.
    Anything poured in to #1 will drain out the lower hole, into #3.
    It then flows out the lower hole in #3 into #7.
    #7 fills up and overflows.

  5. 1 will fill halfway up
    3 will fill completely but nothing will flow to 6 or 7 because the tubes are blocked
    2, 4 and 5 will never fill because the tube from 1 to 2 is higher than the tube to 3

  6. The answer is number 7.
    I remember this well from a physics class, my professor here in Germany had an actual model of this but the initial source was not from one single bottle of beer. (In this scenario glass-7 would have about as much as glass-1)

    • No, number 7 would be empty, it would never fill. Look at the tube leading from number 3. It is blocked so nothing could flow into number 7.

  7. While 3 is the correct answer, 1 is also possible, if the flow rate out of the bottle is greater than the flow rate in the tube from 1 to 3. If you pour into 1 fast enough, it could fill before enough flows drains into 3 to fill it.

    but those are the only possible answers. 5, 6 and 7 are blocked and will never get anything. 2 (and therefore 4) can’t get anything because of the flow into 3.

  8. PEOPLE!!! Number one fills up first and spills into the other glasses. The lines are showing the path of where it is going

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