The Sesame Street Run

Jim was on his first day of a new job, driving a bus on the Sesame Street run. He knew none of the usual riders, but was friendly and cheerful.

At the first stop, were 2 of the largest women he had ever seen. He opened the door, smiled, and said “Good morning! I’m Jim, the new driver.” The first woman, as she struggled up the stairs, said “Hi, Jim- my name is Patty”. The second woman, equally struggling, said “Hi Jim- my name is Patty as well”. They took their seats.

At the next stop was the nerdiest nerd he’d ever seen. Thick glasses, a pocket protector with a slide rule, several pens, 2 computers, and a tablet. He said “Hi- I’m Jim”. The new rider said “My name is Ross. I have such a high IQ, I go by my nickname, Special Ross. I’m the smartest man you’ll ever meet. Jim welcomed him in, and moved on.

At the next stop was a hippie, holding a boom box, grooving to the music. He got on, and said “Hi- my name is Lester. Lester Cheese.” Jim introduced himself, welcomed him on, and told him to turn down the music.

As he drove, he looked in the mirror at this eclectic bunch. Lester had his sandals off, and was picking calluses off of his bunions, and discarding them on the floor. Jim smiled to himself, as the irony of this trip exploded on him.
Two obese Patties, Special Ross, Lester Cheese picking bunions, on the Sesame Street bus.