Weekend Open Mic

Weather: We’re experiencing typical mid-August weather. It might even be a tad cooler than usual and we have a few days with lower humidity every now and then.

Website News:  The Link Dump posted on Thurday had unclickable links for some unknown reason.  I reposted the Link Dump and it appears to be working.  I lost a few comments because of that. Sorry ’bout that.

TV Binging: We finished the first season of In The Dark (Netflix) ☆☆☆☆.  I really enjoyed it a lot.  It’s a murder mystery with some good humor in it.  We’re just a couple episodes into the first season of A Million Little Things (ABC & HULU) but I like it so far.

Las Vegas:  Just a reminder that anyone who wants to join us for B&P Returns To Las Vegas next April is welcome.  If you’re thikning about going, please let us know by leaving a comment on the Las Vegas 2020 page.  I’ll be there in 3 weeks for a blogging conference and will be scouting places for our group to meet.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. The links (in case the problem happens again) you posted on Thursday could be opened by hi-lighting them, so they opened in a new tab. Cheers

    • Ok, thanks. That might explain how there was a comment about one of them. I’m still not sure why that happened to begin with.

      • It actually works both ways, at least on my PC . l/click to open on same tab, or r/click to open in new tab. I prefer new tabs as then i don’t have to arrow back to B n P. Not sure about other devices.

        • It should always work that way but that wasn’t the problem. The links were unclickable by either method for some unknown reason. It’s working properly now.

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